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Gemini, Pisces

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Q: What zodiac signs is not represented by an animal that grows horns?
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Which of these zodiac signs is not represented by an animal that grows horns?

Zodiac signs represented by animals with horns are: Aries (Ram), Taurus (Bull) and Capricorn (goat). The signs not represented by horned snails are: Pisces, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, Scorpio and Cancer.

What animal or symbol is the Aries, as per the Aries horoscope?

The Aries zodiac sign is represented by the ram. The symbol is often seen as the long face and two horns of a ram.

Does a baby rhinoceros have horns?

Yes - but they're only simple 'bumps' on the skull. As the animal grows, the horns gradually lengthen.

Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by the goat?

There is no sign of the Zodiac which is represented by the goat, although there is one which is represented by the ram, which is a male sheep - This Zodiac sign is Aries. The reason their animal is the ram is because Aries is the First House of the whole Zodiac, and therefore the most immature. Even though they can be all friendly and VERY funny (which can often hurt people, although they don't mean to), once you cross them, there is NO going back. They will use their 'horns' of the ram, to charge at you, and many of these determined people can hold a grudge for a very long time, if not, forever.

At what age do rhino horns develop?

The horn begins to appear almost as soon as the young are born, and slowly grows as the animal matures.

Which animal has the largest horns?

The animal that has the largest horns is Watusi Bull.

How do you preserve animal horns?

There are quite a few ways to preserve animal horns. There are certain preservatives sold for this purpose of preserving animal horns.

What wild animal has horns?

A stag has horns

Which is the only animal born with horns?

Well, actually, giraffes are the only animal born with horns. Unbelievable, isn't it?

What do you call a pig with horns?

There is no such animal. There are no proven facts about a pig with horns. This is just a fictional animal.

What horned animal starts with a g?

Goats are an animal with horns. Gazelles also have horns.

Which are the domestic animal species which have horns?

cows and goats have horns

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Which of these zodiac signs is not represented by an animal that grows horns?

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