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Whatever happened to Nick Nixon who recorded 'Rockin in Rosalee's Boat'?

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October 04, 2009 11:53PM

Nick is still performing in East Central Missouri, including a Sunday afternoon Gospel show in Wright City. He frequently performs live on KWRE 730 AM during Larry Allen's Afternoon program. Hesometimes brings along fellow performers of 70's country. He also has a Real Estate company he runs when not performing.

Wow. Hey, Nick, a big huge "hi" from Houston. They played your record "I'm Turning You Loose" (Mercury Records) on KENR and other country stations here back in the 70s. I still love that song, especially the lead guitar run. I've worn out the 45 single, and need to find another copy (I would even buy an album or CD if that killer song is on it). So glad you're still around, but wish you were more active in the music. All the best to you.