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It is still around... I used to work there, not long ago.

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Who are Ruby bridges best friends from childhood?

rubs frend is ms.henrey or whatever her name is

Advantages and disadvantages for installing a network operating system?

Is that you get to do whatever u want.

What type of transistor used in colpitts oscillator?

whatever works at the desired operating frequency

What is operating temp of 1998 Chevy pickup?

Whatever temp range the thermostat is, probably 195 degrees.

What is adesktop operating system?

Vista, XP or whatever is installed on your comp. Windows 7 is the new one.

What minimum of MB of ram is necessary to use internet?

Whatever you need to run your operating system should be enough.

Why are rules important to an organization?

to help tyhe community and to lobe the will of it's members to succeed in whatever their aim is.

How do you be a horse judge?

You generally need to be certified though whatever the governing organization is for the sport you want to be certified in.

What charitable things did Michael Jackson do?

he did everything that he could do that was the purpose of Neverland in the first place but whatever he could do to help ANYBODY in the WORLD so read his book Moonwalk and find out the details

What is BART PE?

Bart PE is a pre-installed environment operating system utility to run a PC compatible computer so you can access files when the installed operating system is not accessible for whatever reason.

What did Sigmund Freud believe about the effect of difficult early experiences in later life?

That whatever happened in childhood would direct your adult response

Is economic profit a cost of production?

Economic profits are not costs of production since the entrepreneur does not require the gaining of an economic profit to keep the firm operating. In economics, costs are whatever is required to keep a firm operating.

How are visitors passes beneficial to an organization?

Visitors passes help large companies by identifying people that aren't a part of the organization. This way people can't just walk in and do whatever they want. "Visitors passes are very important. They force people to check in with an organization, which helps reduce crime, such as theft, inside the organization."

What is the main function of the office of the administration?

The office of administration usually runs or administers whatever company or organization it exists within.

What are rules and regulations in a campground?

In the case of a private campground - whatever the owner/proproieter feels is appropriate for their private property. In the case of state and federal campgrounds, whatever rules have been set forth by the agency in charge of operating them.

What is the service is not supported by the operating system?

When you get this message on your computer, it means that whatever program you just tried to run, your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.) is not compatible with it, so is not able to make the program run.

What is the Importance of having different levels of access in a network operating system?

If you didn't, any user could do whatever they wanted to the entire system.

What's the use of OS in PC?

The operating system tells your personal computer how to function. The operating system tells the computer how to interact with the keyboard, the monitor, the modem, and just about everything else the computer does. Your central processing unit does whatever the program tells it to do. Then it comes to a point where the program tells it to send something to the printer. It says to the operating system, "Take this to the printer." Then the operating system takes it to the printer.

Safe operating speed of a chop saw?

Chop saw motors are not generally variable speed, so you're stuck with whatever RPM the saw does.

If a wrestler is released from their contract what does it mean?

It means that, his obligation to wrestle for the organization is over. He can pursue options with other wrestling promotions or do whatever he wants.

What does donate proceeds mean?

It means that whatever money is collected (the proceeds) through a certain activity will be donated to a specific organization... they should say where.

What is the function of an interest group?

The function of an interest group publicly promoting and creating advantages for whatever cause is of interest to them. Some examples of interest groups are: charitable organizations, civil rights groups, neighborhood associations, trade associations.

Is there a way to edit the Windows Operating System?

YES...if your name is bill gates If you have his permission, or you could just change your o.s. yourself from xp to vista or whatever.

Explain the importance of having standards in operating a Mc Donalds franchise?

Absolutely none. You can put whatever you want in those things and the fat bastards will eat it.

How do you do Hindu maths?

There is no such thing as 'Hindu maths'. Hinduism is a religion and whatever mathematics there are that are involved with it usually consist of using normal number with normal operating systems.