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What rich stew or casserole of beef with onion and beer?

My mother-in-law called it "Belgium Beef Stew". It was made with beef, onion and beer. She coated the stew meat in some seasoned flour, then browned the meat in a heavy pot. She then added about 3 onions, sliced, then poured a bottle (or 2) of beer into the pan, simmering until the meat was tender. I prefer the taste of a darker beer in the stew, but it's tasty with all beer.

What is the beef called ranchers feed the cows beer?

Kobe beef

What to serve with beef burritos?


How much roast beef do you need for 150 people at a beef and beer?

Figure half a pound per person.

Traditional Belgian stew made of beef beer onions?


Traditional Belgian stew of beef beer onions and herbs?


What type of beer do you serve with corned beef and cabbage?

budweiser its the best

What is the national dish of belgium?

Mussels and Chips, Potato mashed with other vegetables, often with sausages, Salad with beans, bacon, onion and vinegar, Flemish beef stew made with beer instead of red wine, a stew of chicken, vegetables, cream and eggs, Waffles, Chocolate

What are the release dates for The Onion News Network - 2007 McCain's Economic Plan for Nation 'Everyone Marry a Beer Heiress'?

The Onion News Network - 2007 McCain's Economic Plan for Nation 'Everyone Marry a Beer Heiress' was released on: USA: September 2008

What are the traditional foods and drinks on St.Patricks day?

corn beef, cabbage, potatoes, and green beer

What foods do the Irish eat?

They eat stuff like corn beef, potatoes, cabbage, and they like beer.

What time on Friday does Arizona start selling beer?

What time so they stop selling beef in Arizona

What words start with be as a syllable?

Bee Beat Bead Beef Beam Bean Beep Beer Bees

How can I make my crock pot beef stew more interesting?

I remember growing up my mom would add a can of beer to her pot roast. I asked what that was for and she said for flavoring to the beef.

What country's farmers massage their cows and feed them meals of beer and sake mash to produce Kobe beef?


What is manufactured in Newfoundland?

all "Purity" products, bologna, salt beef, roast chicken chips, beer and culverts

What did the rich people in ancient Egypt eat for a meal?

Bread, Wine (for the rich noblemen), cake, beef, and beer.

What did the Egyptians eat for breakfast?

Egyptians did not eat breakfast standardly. Sometimes the peasents would have beer, bread, and onion in the morning, though.

What type of wine goes with corned beef and cabbage?

It's called beer. (And I'm a wine snob.) A dark one, like a porter or stout, is especially good. If your corned beef was braised in beer, well, then no other beverage but beer will do. However, if you MUST drink wine, then a Beaujolais or Beaujolais Village is okay. If you don't like reds, then an off-dry Riesling might do the trick.

How is beef cooked?

Beef can be cooked in several ways. Choice is yours. Baking, stew, stuffed beef, curry, beef brisket, beaf steaks and others. These are name of the foods. Usually beef is baked slowly. In comparison to othe meats like chicken or pork, consistency of beef thick and its a harder meat. So it is good to bake it on slow heat. There are many recipes for beef preparation. Here are some with <<slow oven cooked>>: 1. Slow cooker beef stew (onion, tomato,potato, carrots can be added) 2. Slow oven cooked beef in beer (brussel's cabbage, carrots, peas can be added) 3. Slow cooker beaf and mushroom 4. Slow cooker beaf - Stoganoff 5. Beef and mushroom in slow heat 6. Hunt's slow cooker beef stew 7. Slow oven beef curry 8. Slow cooker barbecue beef 9. Mijo's slow cooker shredded bee 10. Slow cooked barbecue wine beef And there are many mores. Recipe's are found in books for cooking, from the net or from amateur frieds who likes cooking

What food did the pharaohs eat?

There were many types of food a pharaoh could eat. Some of them are: onion, sycamore fig, coconuts, grapes, beef, olives, dates, milk, apple, pomegranates, leek, honey, beer,duck,meat, fish and bread.these are the main foods a pharaoh ate.fruits, vegetables, and usually meat

What sides do you serve with corned beef and cabbage?

Irish soda bread and iced cold beer make the perfect meal!

What are Scotlands exports and imports?

Imports- Beer, milk, eggs, fish Exports- Machinery, Whisky, lamb, beef, and water

Which Four letter food starts with b?

· beef · beet -bass -beer -bean -bear -brat -brew -bran

Bar-B-Que Beef?

Ingredients1 1/2 pound beef, chuck roast2 cup ketchup, or bar b q sauce2 tablespoon honey1 each beer1 each onion soup mix, packagePlace all ingredients in crockpot and cook on High 3-4 hours or Low 4-8 hours. Shred meat and serve on buns.