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Q: What's the difference between a river and a lake, now that some rivers are bigger than some lakes?
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What is the difference between ponds lakes and rivers?

Ponds tend to be more shallow than rivers and lakes.

How are lakes and rivers different from seas and oceans for kids?

Lakes and rivers are smaller bodies of water than oceans and seas. Oceans are the biggest bodies of water in the world, and seas should be bigger than lakes and rivers. Rivers are usually very long, but not too wide, such as the Mississippi River. Lakes are like ponds, except that lakes are larger in size than a pond. So basically, the difference between lakes and rivers and seas and oceans is that lakes and rivers are smaller than oceans and seas.

What is the difference in size between a lake or a river?

Lakes and rivers both come in all sizes. The difference between lakes and rivers is not based on size, it is based on whether the water is flowing (which makes it a river) or stationary (which makes it a lake).

What is the difference between streams and rivers and ponds and lakes?

Streams and rivers flow down a long path and ponds and lakes stay in one place and not flowing like streams and rivers.

What is the difference between ponds lakes and estuaries?

ponds and lakes are different because a lake is bigger than a pond but i dont know about the estuaries

Most of the water in the world is in rivers and lakes?

False most of the water is in the ocean . Lakes are smaller . Oceans are bigger

What is the difference between river canoeing and lake canoeing?

They are pretty much the same thing, but lakes are difforent than rivers.

What do the rivers do?

Rivers provide a pathway to drain all the excess precipitation that is not absorbed by the land or held in lakes. They run into bigger rivers and then, finally, into the ocean.

Where do rivers empty to?

Rivers empty into bigger rivers, or into lakes (But a river flows out of the other end) and the biggest rivers flow into the sea. Smaller rivers and even streams enter the sea, as well.

Youre researching a continent and have a political map What can you learn from it?

* Boundaries between countries and states * Location of major rivers or large lakes

Whats the difference between a crayfish a lobster or a shrimp?

a crayfish is in freshwater, such as creeks streams lakes and rivers and lobsters and shrimp are in salt water

What is the difference between Sioux and Ojibway tribes?

The Sioux lived in southwest Minnesota while the Ojibway lived in Northeast Minnesota on the lakes and rivers.

Do all streams lead to the ocean?

Rivers always lead to the ocean, but streams can to. Usually streams lead to lakes, bigger streams or rivers.

What is the difference between wetlands and lakes?

Lakes have banks and wetlands do not

What is Asia's rivers and lakes?

The rivers and lakes of Asia.

What are Nunavut's major lakes and rivers?

najor rivers or lakes of Nunavut

What is the difference between the salamander and aquatic salamander?

A salamander is a salamander that lives on land.A aquatic salamander is a salamander that lives in the oceans,lakes,rivers,streams etc.

What are the rivers lakes and mountains in Arkansas?

what rivers lakes and montains

Does Denmark have Rivers and Lakes?

Yes it does have both rivers and lakes.

Do rivers feed into lakes?

Some rivers do feed into lakes.

What is compsed of lakes rivers and oceans?

the outer space is what is composed of lakes rivers and oceans WRONG. The Hydrosphere is composed of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

How many lakes and rivers in Mexico?

There are 85 major rivers, and 45 major lakes, for a total of 130 major lakes and rivers in Mexico.

Where are beavers found in Canada?

lakes, rivers or between women's legs

What is found at the interface between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?

Lakes streams estuaries rivers

Are lakes and rivers saltwater or freshwater?

Lakes and rivers are generally freshwater, although there are a few saltwater lakes in existence. The most famous of these include the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and the Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan.