Whats a good way to sleep through class without getting busted?

The truth is, any way you approach it is gonna be hard. It all depends, on a lot of stuff. Like what class it is; if it's a history class, the teacher probably be up at the board the whole time, and may ask questions to everyone in the class. If its a class that is important for your grades, or has important information, its probably best you don't sleep through that class. But if you are, then use these tips. Prop up a book, or get the teacher out of your line of site, (other persons head, book, ect...). To make sure you get some learning done, have a good friend copy down notes for you. If that can't be done, (for any reason) then you can set an alarm on your cell phone to vibrate halfway through the class period. Chances are the teacher will still have most of his stuff on the board, which will allow you to copy it down and go back to sleep. Point your head AWAY from other people. The less people who notice, even students, the better. If you happen to be in the middle of the room, where anybody could see you, simply point your head down, or just away from the teacher, as that is most important. Always have a good excuse ready, think of one BEFORE you go to lala land or the chances are you won't be able to think of one fast enough when you get caught. Have a friend cover for your. Either way, always have a back up plan, as sleeping through class is dangerous and risky--