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A nutrient is any substance that provides nourishment needed for growth and life. Examples of nutrients include minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

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Is calcium a macro-nutrient or a micro-nutrient?

For plants it is a micro-nutrient and for human being it is a macro-nutrient.

What is a nutrient store and nutrient transfer?

what is nutrient transfer

What is 'a nutrient'?

What is a nutrient?

Small intestine is to nutrient absorption as blood is to nutrient?

The small intestine is to nutrient absorption as the blood is to nutrient distribution.

Is phosphorous a micro-nutrient or macro-nutrient?

Phosphorous is a macronutrient.

Is fat a nutrient?

possibly no it is not a nutrient

Is carbohydrate a nutrient?

yes carbohydrate is a nutrient

What Nutrient Is salt?

Sodium chloride is not a nutrient.

Are vitamins a nutrient?

Yes. They can be considered a nutrient.

What nutrient is missing?

nutrient missing in asthma

What would be a primary nutrient deficiency?

primary nutrient deficiency is caused by lack of intake of said nutrient (deficiency is caused by not consuming the nutrient in adequate amounts)

Is water an organic nutrient?

Water is not an organic nutrient. Water is classified as a nutrient but it is in form of chemical compounds.

What does nutrient deficiancy mean?

What does the term nutrient imbalnce

What nutrient is in a red pepper?

red pepper's nutrient

When an ecosystem is limited by a single nutrient?

a limiting nutrient

Is water a macro nutrient or a micro nutrient?


Is carbohydrates macro or micro nutrient?

micro nutrient

Is sodium a micro nutrient or macro nutrient?


What is the definition of an essential nutrient?

an essential nutrient is an nutrient that your body can't make, so you need to eat it in your diet

What is Daily recommended nutrient intake?

about 1 kilograms of nutrient

What is a nutrient that does not provide a calorie?

Water is a nutrient that does not provide calories.

Do plants grow better with water or nutrient water?


Iron and calcium are examples to this type of nutrient?

the nutrient is minerals

What is the forgotten nutrient?

The forgotten nutrient and the most important is water.

The small intestine is to nutrient absorption as the blood is to nutrient?


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