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Which model in what condition?

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Q: Whats a remmington 22 LR semiautomatic rifle worth?
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What is a 152 semiautomatic 22 worth?

what is 152 simiautimatic22 rifle worth

How much is a remmington 22 rifle in good cond worth?

Depending on the model and condition 50-5000 USD.

How much is a used 22 semiautomatic rifle worth?

less than a hundred to over a thousand depending on exactly what you have.

How much is a Remmington .22 Rifle with a rolling block worth?

I saw one recently at a gun show, they can range in price from 300 to 500 dollars.

How much is a Harrington and Richardson 22 long rifle ctg special 9 shot semiautomatic worth?

50-100 US Dollars

What is a Marlin 49 DL 22 semiautomatic in superb condition worth?

A Marlin 49 DL 22 semiautomatic is worth $100 to $160 depending on its condition.

What is a Winchester ranger semiautomatic 12ga worth?

50-350 usd

Marlin 1889 3220 take down rifle whats it worth?

anywhere from $500.00 to several thousand depending on the shape the weapon is in.

What is a 270 caliber model 760 remmington worth in good condition?

200-275 USD

Benjamin Franklin air rifle 317 What is it worth?

This rifle was made between 1940-69. Without knowing the condition of the rifle it is impossible to give and estimate. Please state the condition. whats it worth Benjamin Franklin air rifle 317 faif condition In Fair Condition: If it has a muzzle pump rod it is worth between $70 to $95. If it had a swing arm pump it is worth between $35 to $55

What is the value of a Marlin Model 99 22 caliber long rifle semiautomatic tube feed with gold plated trigger guard scope mounted in very good condition worth?

Your gun is valued at $90.00

What is the model 152 semiautomatic 22LR worth?

75-150 USD depending on condition.

Bolt action rifle 7.62 cal 1967 serial number P2986 whats it worth?

Impossible to answer without a DETAILED descirption of ALL markings.

What is the worth of a M4 rifle?

It is worth 10 years in Federal prison, and a fine of $250,000. The M-4 is a select fire carbine that was made after May 1986, and as such, cannot be legally transferred to a civilian in the US. On the other hand, if you mean a semiautomatic AR-15 style rifle with a short barrel and a collapsible stock, anywhere from $800-1200, depending on make and condition.

Whats the Net worth of rapper ludacris?

whats the net worth of rapper ludacris

What might this rifle be worth?

depends on what tpe and how old the rifle is

What is Value of remmington rifle 308 cal bolt action model 03-a3?

The M1903A3 made by Remington was originally chambered in 30-06. If you have one that is in 308, it has had the barrel replaced. What it is worth will depend on how good the work was. I have seen them range from 100-300 USD.

How much is the22 premier pump rifle worth?

The 22pump rifle made by premier how much is it worth

What is a 6.5X55 rifle worth?

Need to know exact model of rifle.

What is a herter's U9 223 rifle worth?

It depends on the condition of the rifle.

What is your rifle worth Remington 8 worth?


Is a 308 Dpms assault rifle worth buying?

It is correct to say that 308 Dpms assault rifle is worth buying.

What is a 1917 10c republique francaise coin worth?

whats it worth

Remmington rifle b block model 1901- 32 single shot 32 rimfire what would it be worth it can shoot long or short 32 rds?

.32 short used to be available from Navy Arms or try some of the local gunshows for the Navy Arms .32 short rimfire.

What is the worth of 1830 Danzig Black powder rifle?

Requires professional appraisal