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a hamster and a guinea pig are same standards play better and thing in my opinion a hamster is a better one to play with depending on your age

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Whats better a dwarf hamster or a guinea pig for a 13-year old?

A guinea pig would likely live longer.

Does a guinea pig or hamster make a better pet?

Most likely a guinea pig.

Are guinea pig and hamster different?

Yes. A guinea pig is less territorial than a hamster. Never put a hamster with a guinea pig as surprisingly the hamster will kill the guinea pig as they will not share unless they are breeding.

Does a hamster or a guinea pig make a better pet for an 8 year old?


Does a hamster or guinea pig make a better pet?

A hamster tbh :D x

Can you put a female guinea pig with a female hamster Or a male guinea pig with a female hamster?

you shoudl not put a hamster and a guinea pig in the same cage no matter what.

Why is a guinea pig better than a hamster?

Guinea pigs are more friendly than hamsters

Which will live longer a hamster or a guinea pig?

a guinea pig.

Which lives longer a guinea pig or a hamster?

guinea pig

Which smells morea guinea pig or hamster?

guinea pig

Guinea pig vs hamster?

GUINEA PIG IS BETTER they are smarter,live longer, more affectionate BUT hamsters are not as expensive as a cavy

What is a better pet and easier to care for a Guinea Pig a Hamster or a gerbil?

i had a guinea pig and it was easy to take care of and it was a great pet

How small are guinea pig babys?

if you ever seen a hamster a baby guinea pig is about the size of a hamster.

Is Lenny of The Wonder Pets a guinea pig or a hamster?

A guinea pig.

Is a guinea pig a hamster?


Can a guinea pig live with a hamster?

no it can't because a hamster is a different thing and the guinea pig is would injure it.

Which is better hamster or a guinea pig?

Well I have 2 hamsters and 3 guinea pigs and well if you rather a little little pet try a hamster if you rather a little pet try a guinea pig but there are differences between them

Is a hamster or guinea pig better for a inside pet for a 12 year old?

I am 10 and own a Guinea pig. I would say a guinea pig because they are mor active and hamster is nocturnel. Guinea pigs whistle when they want attention and are better being handeled then a hamster. GPs love to cuddle! They grow very affectionate of their owners. so overall, I would say a guinea pig. P.S. clean their cage 2 a week

Can you keep your hamster in guinea pig cage?

no you need a hamster cage because the bars on the guinea pig cage are to big and the hamster can slip through

Can a guinea pig get pregnant by a hamster?


Is agent Darwin on g-force a hamster or guinea pig?

guinea pig

Can a female hamster live with a male guinea pig?

it depends what type of guinea pig you have

Do guinea pigs and hamsters play together?

Technically yes cause A hamsters a rodent and so is a guinea pig. But A guinea pig is a lot larger then a hamster but if you had a guinea pig and a hamster I suggest you not to put them together.

Will your hamster hurt your guinea pig?

More like vise versa. Don't even think about putting a hamster and guinea pig together. Not a good idea! The guinea pig would most likely try to hurt the hamster.

Can a guinea pig eat hamster or gerbil food?

guinea pigs can never eat anything but guinea pig food. hamster food does not have the right nutrients

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