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Whats does cramps with out any periods for two months mean?

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2010-07-30 17:16:29

One out of ten adults is afflicted with acid reflux disease in

their lifetime. Medical complications can occur if it isn’t treated

soon enough. A common symptom is heartburn and it becomes worse

over time. It should not be discounted.

Acid reflux is known as GERD. The esophagus’s lining becomes

damaged. This is because stomach acid returns to the esophagus and

builds up. Then the esophagus inflames. What results is

regurgitation, heartburn, chest pain, or hoarseness.

There are effective ways to treat acid reflux. It can be treated

naturally or with medication.

Over-the-counter medication is one way to treat acid reflux. For

mild symptoms of acid reflux antacids such as Alka=Seltzer, Pepto

Bismol, Pepcid, Rolaids, or Maalox are recommended.

Helping to control acid reflux symptoms are prescription drugs.

See your physician to obtain these.

There are nutritional supplements that can eliminate the need

for medication. One is the amino acid glutamine which has

anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera is another natural

supplement to use. Herbal licorice is believed to decrease the acid

level in the stomach. Taking apple cider vinegar may seem

counter-intuitive, but it seems to calm down stomach acid. Baking

soda works as an antacid for those with normal blood pressure and

for those not on a sodium restricted diet.

Specific foods need to be avoided. Spicy foods, onions, tomato

based foods, fried foods, and fatty foods should be shunned. They

tend to churn up the stomach acid.

Substituting smaller meals every two hours instead of having

three large meals a day can be helpful. Not eating within three

hours of bedtime is also a good idea.

Slowing down for meals will be a boon. To assist the stomach to

relax it is beneficial to meditate or do deep breathing for a few

minutes before meals.

The head of your bed can be raised up half of a foot higher than

the end of the bed. This assists stomach acid to keep in the


Your lifestyle needs to be modified. Losing weight is crucial.

It is optimal to treat acid reflux by not drinking alcohol and not

smoking. Avoiding caffeinated drinks is also a wise decision.

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2007-05-17 14:19:03

That depends on how old you are, what medications you've been

taking, what your level of physical exercise is, how bad the cramps

are, whether or not you have any other "female health problems" and

whether you are pregnant or not. If you are having a problem such

as this you should be examined by your doctor. Lynn, RN

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