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"Company Profile ComponentsA company profile provides the information business professionals need to get a full picture of a prospect, competitor, customer, or acquisition opportunity. Common components include:

Company information that shows how a company is organized: This often identifies business type, and provides a list of office locations and subsidiaries, along with contact information including URLs, and the parent and corporate family name.

Snapshot of top-line data to give a sense for company size, longevity and viability: Number of employees, credit rating, annual sales and year of incorporation are data that fall into this category.

Business description showing how the company positions itself: This briefly summarizes a companys focus, history, competitive position and corporate structure.

Listings of senior staff to support marketing campaigns and meeting preparation:

The most detailed company profiles also include top executive profiles.

Financial health data: Credit ratings, recommended credit limits and annual sales data is often provided.

Market position data that shows how the company competes: Common information includes major brands and trade names, lines of business, neighboring businesses, key competitors, markets served, and SIC and NAICS codes.

Announcements and news coverage: A comprehensive company profile summarizes headlines publicizing key events and provides full text of select news coverage and press releases."

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Q: Whats included in a company profile?
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Gather the contact info that will be included in the company profile: name of the company, physical address, mailing address (corporate headquarters), main telephone number, web addressDefine what the company does and how: number of facilities owned by the company, products and/or services, general info on profitabilityBackground/history of the businessMake basic profiles of the key figures in the companyProjection of the future performance of the businessArrange the data into a simple format that flows from one section to the next

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