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whats the best GPA you can have to get in a college?

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2011-09-13 13:48:43
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Whats the best GPA you have to have to get into a 2 year college

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Q: Whats the best GPA you have to have to get into a 2 year college?
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If you have a GPA of 2.6 can you get in to collge?

Sure, the best way is to apply at a junior college or community college and then proceed to increase your GPA and be more attractive to a four-year college.

Will you be able to get into college if your GPA was low your freshman year and sophomore year and a 2.1 your junior year?

You can get into college. Your grades will have more to do with what college you can get into and whether you get scholarships.

What is your GPA if your average is 84.5?

whats my GPA if its 84.85

College football players GPA?

GPA to play college football

Can you go from a 2.4 GPA to a 3.7GPA by senior year?

Depending what year you are? Keep in mind the GPA is not the only factor in the college admissions process. On top of that the classes that you have taken are the most important versus the GPA.

Will community college change my overall gpa from highschool?

No, the GPA is calculated separately. However, if you're trying to recover from a bad GPA in high school, having a good GPA in community college will be a valuable asset if you plan on applying to a four-year school.

What GPA do you need to get into King's College?

It's best if you talk to your academic adviser about this

Can you still go to college if your GPA is 2.0?

Community college? Yes you can. (Virtually everybody gets into Community College) University's? Universities could be harder and it depends on the college. So whatever college your going to its best to call or email the school your interested in. They would have the best answers for you.

What is the average GPA of Williams College?

The average GPA of the Williams College is 3.83. This is the GPA score that most students in the college usually attain.

What college has a GPA of 3.89?

There is a college that will take a 3.89 GPA! This college is called The Master Cooley College of Law.

What is a 2.691 GPA in college?

A bad GPA.

What is an overall GPA?

An overall grade point average or GPA is the cumulative grade that a college student has made for a specified period. An overall GPA can be for a semester, a year, or for a whole program.

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