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Whats the best Pokemon in emerald?


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deoxys if you can get it

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deoxys or magikarp......

Torchic, it can learn Sky Uppercut which attacks even Pokemon that used Fly

There isn't a best Pokemon in Emerald. However, the stronger the better!

Is to never give up on finding and capturing Latias or if your friend has Latias from his Pokemon games, he can trade it with you if he/she wants.

The best Pokemon is definitely Mudkip.

Out of Sydney`s Pokemon I`d have to say Shiftry is the best. Out of whats-her-face`s Pokemon I`d have to say Dustclops is the best. Out of Glacia`s Pokemon I`d have to say Walrein is the best. Out of Drake`s Pokemon I`d have to say Salamence is the best.

Alakazam, Ampharos, Salamence, Machamp, Blaziken, and Glalie. But really there is no best team on Pokemon emerald :)

Pokemon snap or Pokemon emerald

you evolve a duskull at lvl 37 one of the best ghost Pokemon on emerald

The best water Pokemon in Pokemon emerald I believe is Kyogre. kyogre is probably the stongest but i prefer a swampert if you don't like legenderies

the best Pokemon region is hoenn { ruby,Sapphire,emerald }

Pokemon platinum and Pokemon emerald

yes he is probably the best pokemon in pokemon emerald

it really depends what Pokemon you prefer but the best is probably palkia

in emerald its torchick

i chose Ninetailes is the best.

The best emulator is NO$GBA

The best Pokemon in Emerald version is obviously Rayquaza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I luv Rayquaza! But technically I suppose Jirachi would be but that's an event Pokemon.

The strongest Pokemon is probably one of these three. Rayquaza Groudon or Kyoger. These three are the main legendaries of this game.

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