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Orlando has as many great Golf facilities as Palm Springs, but more are open to the public. The Orlando area has been home to many pro golfers over the years, including Tiger Woods, Mark O

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Q: Whats the best place to golf in Orlando outside Walt Disney World?
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What part of Orlando is Walt Disney World located?

Walt Disney World is not actually in Orlando. It is located in Kississimee Florida, which is just outside of Orlando.

What city in Florida is Disney World?

Disney World is in Orlando.

How far is Walt Disney World from Orlando FL?

Walt disney is in orlando FL

How many Walt Disney Resorts in Orlando?

One. Disney World. Orlando, Florida

Is Disney World in California?

No , Disney World Is In Orlando , Florida . Disney Land Is In California .

Is the los angeles Disney World as big as the Orlando Disney World?

The Los Angeles Disney World is much bigger than the Orlando Disneyland actually. However, the Orlando Disneyland is the very original that was built when Walt Disney was still alive.

What interstate should one travel on to get to Disney World in Orlando Florida?

To get to Disney World in Orlando Florida, one needs to travel on Interstate 4. The Disney World is located southwest of Orlando, west of Florida Turnpike.

Is Disney World in Florida?

Yes, Disney World is in Florida. It is close to Orlando.

Were is Disney World?

orlando florida

Where is disney world at?

Orlando, Florida

In what city in Florida is there a Disneyland?

The second Disneyland park (Disney World) is located in Orlando, Florida.Disney World is in Orlando, Florida.

Is Disneyland in Orlando?

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California.Walt Disney World Resort (Disney World) is located in Orlando, Florida.

When did Disney World in Orlando Florida open up?

Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida October 1, 1971

Where is Disney in US?

There is a Disney Land in California and a Disney World in Orlando, Florida

How far is Orlando Sea World from Orlando Disney?

The fastest route from Seaworld Orlando to Walt Disney World, is 30.3 miles and should take you 39 minutes.

What is the distance in miles from Disney World to Orlando Airport?

The driving distance from Disney World to Orlando International Airport (MCO) is about 25 miles.

Where are all the Disney Lands?

Disney Land is in California. Disney World is in Orlando, Fl.

Where is Disney land located in FL?

No. But there is a Disney World in Orlando, FL.

In what city is Disney World in florida?


In what city in Florida is there a Disney World?


What city is Disney World in?

Orlando, Florida.

Disney World is in what state?

Orlando Florida

Which city in Florida is there a Disney World?


In what city in Florida have Disney World?


Where is Disney World found?

Orlando, Florida.