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Since there is still only one lazer, using a regular DVD cleaner and following the instructions would work the same as if it was a single DVD player.Go to your local electronics store, by a high quality DVD cleaner, follow instructions.

I would stay away from compressed air, since that would stir up the dust and could scratch the lens.

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Q: Whats the best way to clean your DVD 5 disc changer?
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help please

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Does the Pioneer CDXFM1289 12-Disc CD Changer scratch up my discs more then the Pioneer CDX-FM687 6-Disc changer?

Neither device has any known issues with scratching discs.

What is the best way to clean video games?

I assume you have a current game system, like a Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360. If you have one of those, and mean cleaning a disc, than the best way to clean the disc would be to either use canned air to blow air on the disc or to use a napkin/paper towel to wipe off dust from the disc. Do not, however, use water on the disc. That would possibly ruin the disc.

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