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Exercise and eat healthly! The short answer is fine, but let me add some details...If your diet isn't junky now (fast food and the like), just cut down a bit and haul out a bicycle. I guarantee there's one within your legitimate reach...probably dusty and with flat tires. (I worked in a bike shop.) Clean it up, inflate the tires properly, and put in a half-hour to an hour every day. Before or after work is fine...what with the cost of gas, you might consider riding to work. But ride somewhere, even if just around your block awhile each day. Two guys in my shop had a bet along these lines: who could lose 20 pounds in a month? Neither did anything weird or extreme about dieting...they just rode a bit each day, and both succeeded. Not glamorous, but it's healthy...and foolproof. Good luck!

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Q: Whats the best way to drop a stone in 4 weeks?
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