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If the condom did not rip, tear, fall off or have any holes in it then there is no chance of pregnancy occuring.

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You were ovulating when condom broke whats the chances you could be pregnant?

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

Whats the chance of pregnancy with just a condom?

You cannot get pregnant using a condom unless the condom broke or had tiny holes in it or was taken off unproperly.

Whats the percent of a girl getting pregnant from protected sex?

I would say th chances are the same as one who would ask a gross, inane question about sex having been taught social decorum or morals.

Can you get prgannt with out having no sperm whats so ever used?

yes, you can get pregnant without squirting any sperm in to you body, my naphew is a doctor and she makers people(women) to get pregnant all the time. the chances are 70%

What are the chances of getting out of jail when they rate your house and it had drugs then one blames all the fault on himself what are the chances the other person will get out?

well mate look at it like this a guy getting hit by a car at 160kmph and dieing whats his chance of survial? the same as the druggie. good luck by the way.

Whats the Youngest age you can get pregnant?

a girl can get pregnant at one year old

Whats a fast way to get a girl pregnant?

Introduce her to me. lol whats ur email address

If recommended by CMO whats the chances of getting a Dental waiver for the Army National Guard?

Well if the CMO signs off on it I can't see why not unless the dental doctor has the final say.

Whats your period like when pregnant?

you would have a show to say that you were pregnant such as a two day period

What are the disadvantages of sexual reproduction in the protists?

you have to use whats called a condom for safe sex the disadvantages are that it could lead to a misscariage

Whats the percent of getting an infected tongue piercing?

Done by a professional body piercer in a licensed and inspected facility, following the detailed written aftercare routine and getting the step down barbell when required the chances of infection are next to none. Get it done by a moron and not follow instructions or take care of the piercing your chances of infection are going to go up greatly.

Whats the chance of a 13 year old girl getting pregnant from protected sex?

Protected sex is still never 100% so it's protected to 98-99%.

What should a teen couple do when pregnant?

I feel that if a teen couple gets pregnant they should do whats best for the child.

Do condoms really prevent pregnancy whats the percentage and what is better to prevent pregnancy the pill or a condom?

Yes! Condoms DO prevent pregnancy! They are also used to protect you from STI's. The pill only protects you 98% so there is the 2% chance of falling pregnant while on the pill. The pill does NOT protect you from STI's. You're better off to be safe then sorry, so my advice is to take the pill AND use a condom. :)

What are the chances of you getting to go overseas to Korea with your boyfriend?

It just depends on whats going on there in that situation. If your under eighteen I would say slim to none, if over then if you want to, then more power to it there would be nothing stopping you.

Whats A Condum?

Something to use when you have sex so you don't get AIDs or get pregnant.

Is Jennette mccurdy pregnant?

whats jennette mccurdy real facebook page

Do all pregnant women get hemorrhoids?

whats a pregnancey hemroid look like

Your last period was about January 30th today is march first no sign of period whats the chances i' m pregnant?

The chances that you are pregnant, stand on having sex on your ovulation day(s), meaning if you had sex on the 14th day after your period. It also depends on what day cycle do you usually get you period. But, in fact, I'd suggest that you take a pregnancy test, i would say that you are 50% pregnant and 50% not so, because it had been a long time since you didn't get you period, or you could expect it in few dayd, if not, take a pregnancy test or talk to your doctor.

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