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If the condom did not rip, tear, fall off or have any holes in it then there is no chance of pregnancy occuring.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-28 19:07:52
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Q: Whats the chances of getting pregnant if I used a condom?
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You were ovulating when condom broke whats the chances you could be pregnant?

The chances are the same as if the condom was not used at all.

Me and my boyfriend had sex. the condom got stuck in me i took it out and noticed there was no cum in it whats the chances of me being pregnant?

About 99%!

Whats the chances of getting pregnant if you just had a baby 3 weeks ago?

High - you are very fertile after having a baby

Whats the chance of pregnancy with just a condom?

You cannot get pregnant using a condom unless the condom broke or had tiny holes in it or was taken off unproperly.

Whats the percent of a girl getting pregnant from protected sex?

I would say th chances are the same as one who would ask a gross, inane question about sex having been taught social decorum or morals.

Whats the longest that sperm has ever lived in a condom?

about 15 days.

Whats the chances of being pregnant if your partner ejaculated in you on your last day of your period and you started ovulating 3 days later?

you could be pregnant. Sperm can live in a womans body for up to 4 days.

Whats the chance of getting pregnant by the man with a vasectomy if you slept with a man who can definitely get you pregnant and then like a week later sleeping with someone who had a vasectomy?

you might get pregnant from sleeping with the man that could get you preggo.

Can you get prgannt with out having no sperm whats so ever used?

yes, you can get pregnant without squirting any sperm in to you body, my naphew is a doctor and she makers people(women) to get pregnant all the time. the chances are 70%

My girlfriend has been throwing up and hasn't had her period but she has a stomach problem her periods are irregular and you use a condom and pull out Whats the chance of her being pregnant right now?

Yes, she could be pregnant or she could just have stomach bug. She needs to take a pregnancy test

What are the chances of getting out of jail when they rate your house and it had drugs then one blames all the fault on himself what are the chances the other person will get out?

well mate look at it like this a guy getting hit by a car at 160kmph and dieing whats his chance of survial? the same as the druggie. good luck by the way.

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Introduce her to me. lol whats ur email address

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