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The reference books only say that they were "various." There may be a mark on the barrel that would indicate the choke. If there is a number, like 18.1, that may indicate the choke size. A gunsmith should have a gauge that will measure it. Probably wouldn't even charge you for doing it.

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Q: Whats the choke on a Stevens model 94C single barrel?
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What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

Stevens model 77 F 12ga pump does the F stand for full choke you can not find choke info on barrel there is 2 astericks stamped on barrel SP in a oval and 25t in a circle on barrel?

* Full ** Modified *** Improved Stamped on the Barrel.

Where are choke markings on baikal shotguns?

on a single shot barrel you must remove the barrel and look at the flat side underneath the chamber to see the choke stamping.

What is the age of a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co single barrel shotgun marked Electro Steel Choke Bored on the barrel with no letters or numbers behind the trigger?

Those markings suggest manufacture between 1900-1920.

What is a shotgun full choke barrel?

A barrel with a full choke.

How do I determine the choke of a Stevens Model 94m 20 gauge?

Look at the barrel for the choke marking. After the name, just before the meets the receiver, there will be one or more stars. One * means a full choke, the more stars, the more open the choke.

What is the value of a M48 12 gauge Full choke single barrel?

50-100 USD

Can you shoot a slug threw a barrel with a choke in it?

I wouldn't. This could destroy the choke and expand the barrel.

What is the value of a 1905 model D single barrel choke bored Diamond Arms shotgun?

The value of a 1905 model D single barrel choke bored Diamond Arms shotgun is actually dependent upon a number of things. Most importantly the condition of the shotgun.

What are the choke markings on a Stevens-Savage shotgun?

AnswerEarly Stevens shotguns did not have choke markings.sales@countrygunsmith.netOn my Savage semi-autos, a model 755A and 775A, the chokes are marked with an asterisk on the rear left side of the barrel. One for full, two for mod., three for IC.

What is a choke bored barrow?

If you mean a choke bored barrel, it designates the amount of constriction a shotgun barrel has.

Where is the choke?

At the end of the barrel

What choke is Stevens model 107 B?

Stevens 107b is a fixed cylinder bore. So in other words, no choke and not able to be choked.

Can your Remington 870 with a mod choke shoot rifled slugs?

As long as the barrel choke is "NOT" a screw-in style choke tube............YES slugs can be shot through the barrel.

What gage is the model 940A Stevens single shot break over shot gun?

They were made in .410 bore, 20, 16, 12 gauge, and may have had 32 and 28 gauge options, though they are rare if they exist. It should say on the barrel what gauge and choke it is.

Can a sears model number 10110041 20 gauge single shot shot gun shoot slugs?

Take your gun to a local gun smith or dealor. They should be able to check to see if your barrel is a full choke. If so, they can shorten the barrel and remove the choke. That way it will become a open choke to allow the use of a slug.While they are shortening your barrel have them mount your site also. Good luck!!!!!!!

Choke of sears model 20 plain barrel with 3 stars?

choke of sears model 20 12 gage plain barrel shotgun has 3 stars on barrel

Is the savage Stevens model 94 series m full choke?

Yes it is full choke

What is 12 gauge 2 34 choke by kmart corporation worth?

It depends on if it's single barrel, double barrel, or pump. Anywhere from $75 to $200 for the single, $125 to $300 for the double, and $125 to $250 for the pump, used, in 2012.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

What is the difference between a choke barrel and a slug barrel?

The amount of constriction at the muzzle

If your browning does not have a threaded barrel for a choke can it be?

It is possible

What is the use of a savage super choke for the Stevens savage arms model 77A?

The Super choke is adjustable to allow the shooter the ability to shoot with an improved cylinder choke all the way to a full choke. A choke is a reduction in width of the barrel at the muzzle of the shotgun. This affects the rate at which the pellets spread after being fired. An improved cylinder choke is a slight adjustment so that the pellets will spread out like an ice cream cone shape while a full choke sends the pellets out with much less spread. This affects range and accuracy of the shot at various distances. The use is to be able to set the desired choke before taking a shot. A shotgun with a single choke setting cannot be adjusted by the user.

Can a choke tube increase the diameter of the barrel of a shotgun?

No. A choke tube slips into and screws to the muzzle end of the barrel. It can only decrease the inside diameter.

Do shotguns need chokes?

It is possible to fire a shotgun without a choke, but it is highly not reccomended, and they don't cost that much If you select a barrel with no choke (cylinder) it will cause the pattern to be looser than for a barrel of a shotgun that has a tighter choke. The extreme is "full choke" which keeps a tight pattern out to the effective range. Full choke is typically used for waterfowl. A shotgun that is pressed into double duty (shot for small game and slugs for big game) would work well to have modified choke. Slugs have to be designed to fire through a full choke without blowing the barrel but you will certainly shorten the life of the barrel by firing slugs through a choked barrel. If you can afford an extra barrel, then use a cylinder (no choke) for slugs. Remington and other shotgun manufacturers have interchangeable choke tubes (see link) that allow you to screw in the appropriate choke for your quarry.