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Whats the difference in flavor between shaken and stirred martinis?


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October 06, 2010 10:41PM


None. It's an absolute -- no pun intended -- myth that there's a detectable difference in taste. There may be, however, a brief difference in appearance, since shaking can aerate the cocktail and produce tiny air bubbles that cloud it. Waiting a minute will usually clear the bubbles. But that is generally not a problem with gin or vodka martinis. When you start getting into all the silly flavored martinis -- which should be called something other than martinis -- then aeration can be a problem, especially if you need to serve quickly and people are waiting for their drinks.

Some people say that shaking dilutes the cocktail more, but dilution is far more dependent upon the amount of time shaken or stirred and the size of the ice cubes. Smaller cubes or partially crushed ice will melt faster and dilute more.

There_is_a_difference!">There is a difference!

See the site I linked.