Whats the drinking age in Denmark?

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To buy alcohol in bars you need to be 18, however there is no drinking age, and an adult can buy alcohol for you. By tradition youths are privately allowed to drink alcohol after their confirmation[29]. If a shop or bar fails to ask for an ID-card and they are identified having sold alcohol to an underage, they are fined. A national ID-card can be obtained in the local town hall in order for the youth to verify their age in shops.[30] This card is rarely used though, since a passport or moped-licence can be used.
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Whats the legal working age in Texas?

It is fourteen, but there are certain perameters. A child 14 or 15 years of age may not work more than eight hours inone day or more than 48 hours in one week. A child who is 14 or 15years of age and is enrolled in a term of a public or privateschool may not work between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a ( Full Answer )

Whats the legal piercing age in Germany?

Without parental consent, a person in Germany must be 18 years ofage or older to receive any type of body piercing. With parentalconsent a person must still be 16 years or older.

Whats in pirates blood the alcohol drink?

Answer . Pirate's Blood. 1/16th cup grenadine 1/4th cup Bacardi 151 Rum 3 pieces ice cubes Rest of cup 100% Cranberry Juice. It is recommended that you use 100% cranberry juice cause anything less will taste like instant hangover.

Whats the youngest age of a mother?

Answer . SHE WAS 5 YEARS OLD IN 1939 in peru. she was called Lina. She gave birth by cesarean section to a boy who was named Gerardo. Dam.......how is that even possiabile?? .

At what age can you drink?

The minimum legal age to drink alcohol depends on the country (most set it at 16 and many have no minimum) and a number of other factors Hm...well most people are able to swollow when they are born...so they can drink then... ^^true. haha in the states, 21. everyone knows that. in canada ( Full Answer )

Whats the best way to drink Guinness?

In a pint glass with no chasers, in the presence of friends while listening to Irsih music, in front of an open fire, while it is cold and rainy outside.. and with good health to ya.. With your mouth. Can't think of any other way!!! (some people "snort" Guinness)

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Whats plies real age?

plies is probly 34 no he is 31 going 2 be 32 july1 damn you dont even look that age i thought you was about in your 20 or sumthing i thought he was 33

Whats the youngest age a female can have intercourse?

Technically females can have intercourse at a very young age if they're raped but otherwise it just depends on the feelings of the parties involved.. Legally the age of consent is usually 16, but there are a few places where it can be as low as 14. Pay attention to the laws in your state or country ( Full Answer )

Whats a good age to have kids?

Whenever you become sexually mature, provided you have established an adequate support system for your children! :)

Whats the legal age for engagement in the US?

Legal Age for Engagement . There are no laws about the age for engagement, but there are laws giving minimum ages for having sex. These can vary from state to state, so it's best to find out what the laws for your state are.. And you have to be 18 to get married without parental permission. Most ( Full Answer )

What age do you have to be to drink?

The drinking age depends upon where in the world the drinking is being done. There's no such thing as a worldwide, legal drinking age. In fact, in some countries, there's never such a legal age, because alcoholic beverages aren't supposed to be tolerated. But in the way of an example, the drinking ( Full Answer )

Whats the average starting age of smoking?

Different nations and different societies have varying starting age of smoking in youngsters, as i myself have travelled to many places in the world. i think the usually the average starting age of smoking is that when a guy enter into the 9th year of his academic education, the late beginning of te ( Full Answer )

Whats the name of a drink that starts with p?

Passion fruit juice. Pina Colada. Pineapple Juice, Papaya juice, Peach juice, Pear juice, Pepsi Cola, Pink Lemonade, Prune juice, Peppermint schnapps, Pernod

Whats the national drink of Turkey?

It's called Lion's Milk or raki. It is made of grapes and aniseed.Coffee and tea are popular drinks but raki is used for ceremoniesand celebrations.

Whats Lil Wayne's real age?

Date of Birth: 27 September, 1979 . At this time, that would make him 29 years old.

Whats does monster energy drink do to your body?

It makes your hurt beet fast, when that happends you don't get as much blood going to your head then you can faint. ( My health teacher said that) I'm not a nerd i just happend to leson

Whats the legal age to work?

Laws vary from place to place. In most countries you have to be 14 to obtain a work permit from your school.

Whats the proper age to train your puppy?

I just got a Yorkshire Terrier. He was only 7 weeks old when we got him. When he was just 8 weeks old we started training him to walk on the lead. When we took him to the park he wouldn't budge a bit so we started pulling him just a tiny bit across the path. It helps if you have a ball so they can s ( Full Answer )

Whats Denmark Famous For?

Denmark is famous for being a very generous country when it comesto world aid. This is one of the highest ranked countries in termsof donations to the world.

What age you do you have to be to drink?

21 in the US and 19 in some Canadian provinces. Some states allow drinking under parental supervision. For other countries check the related link

Whats the legal age of citizenship?

You are a citizen at birth. In some cases you may hold dual citizenship based on where you were born, the citizenship of your parents and the laws of where you live. In that case one normally has to decide on citizenship when one reaches the age of 18 or majority depending on the laws.

Whats the highest age a person will live?

someone just died the other day at age 115, that's pretty close to the max if you ask me yeah i know isn't it cool i lived to 1088 and i am still cool i liek balls

Why is age drink?

The minimum legal alcohol drinking age depends on the country (most set it at 16 and many have no minimum) and a number of other factors

How do people say whats up to each other in denmark?

Hvad saa. It's on old term derived from Viking mythology. The direct translation means: 'i find you offensive' A reference to the famous line said by Hjerning Bloodtongue, as he met his arch enemy, Harold Oldsword, at the battle Jellingaard in 972 AD. Hjerning went on to win the battle, though los ( Full Answer )

Whats an age limit on dating?

There is no age limit on dating. You can date as long as you want. Even once you reach the age of 100 you can still date, there are no laws associated with dating ages.

Whats the ages of The Sims in The Sims Bustin Out?

You can have a baby, a child and then an adult. Its not that good, because you can only have 3 life steps. If you buy the PC version, you can create a family- Baby, toddler, child, teen, yound adult, adult, and elder. It's sooooooooo much better. And you can make people connected eg- Spouse, sibling ( Full Answer )

Why do you have drinking ages?

Because if you are too young it will harm your body since it hasn't finished developing.

Why do we have a drinking age?

You see, there's a bunch of idiots that thought it would be funny to abuse their rights before there was an age. The first "drinking age" was established when the government got paranoid from all the people driving drunk. There are some countries where alcohol is illegal, and others the legal age is ( Full Answer )

Can you drink energy drinks at age 12?

Yes, surely. I am 10 and have been drinking stimulation drinks such as Red Bull, Red Devil, Morrisons own brand and Emerge since I was 8. I have never had any health problems and they wake me up.

Whats the age to watch glee?

It is not suitable for children under the age of 12, as it has mild language and sex references. But for people 12+ it should be fine

Can lowering the drinking age help under age drinking?

Probrably not in my opinion, But the Government in not so many words are considering making the drinking age 21 because most people go out a lot when there 18 to get drunk. Personaly i think it would make no differance what so ever to lower or rank the drinking age, because at 21 people could still ( Full Answer )

What ages do children end school in Denmark?

In Denmark you start school at the age of 5 or 6. You end school when you're 14 or 15, and then you can continue in 'Gymnasiet' or High School which typically is 3 years long.

Whats the difference between a sip and a drink?

The difference between a sip and a drink is in the amount. A sip is only taking a little bit while a drink is taking alot from the beverage one is partaking in.

What age is drinking age?

The legal drinking age is now 21 in all states. A few years ago the drinking age varied by State. But, in keeping with the spirit of the tenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution stating that all authorities not specifically given to the Federal Government by the Constitution belong exclusively t ( Full Answer )