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Whats the easiest way to get a ticket in Pokemon firered?

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You get the Rainbow ticket by going to Mt.Ember then you go left then up their will be two team rocket grunts beat them then go into the cave(you have too beat the elite four before the cave opens)then go through the path and go left (use strength to move the boulders) then keep going until you get to a ladder climb down (there should be another ladder climb down that one too!!!) there should be a ruby take it to the scientist on1island he will give you a Rainbow ticket.You get the Aurora ticket by going to any mart go to the sheet of paper and writing Link Together With All(press select and it will show a alphabet choose the letters of link(L)together(T) with(W)all(A) next plug in a wireless adapter next save and shut off and turn back on your game boy or restart press start at the start menu it will show mystery gift under new game press it then go to wonder news now go upstairs of a center and there should be a guy with a green hat talk to him and he will give you a aurora ticket.

2007-08-29 21:19:08
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