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A long time

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Q: Whats the jail time for manslaughter?
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How do you put the word manslaughter in a sentence?

Mike was charged with manslaughter and had to serve time in jail.

How much jail time must a person serve for manslaughter in Australia?

In Australia they are very strict with cases, where manslaughter is concerned.

What is the maximum jail time for involuntary manslaughter?

Firstly manslaughter is involuntary anyway, it's murder without meaning to murder. Jail time can depend on the type of murder, and jail time is usually the same for a murder conviction. Sometimes life sentences (25 years or more).

What movie did Elvis Presley get sent to jail for manslaughter?

It was Jail House Rock

How much jail sentence for manslaughter in nyc?

typically 3 to 8 years, out in 2.5 with good time.

How much jail time for manslaughter complicity?

Sentences are fact specific. Minimum and maximum sentences vary by jurisdiction.

How long can you go to jail for manslaughter?

5 to 20 years!

Is manslaughter a conviction that is able to get parole?

no never go to jail

How many years will you spend in jail for manslaughter?

Depends what country you are in!

What is the average jail sentence for DUI manslaughter?

About 15 years

How much time in jail do you get for manslaughter?

It depends on the country you're tried in. It also depends on the judge and the circumstances surrounding the death.

If you kill someone will you go to jail?

That depends greatly on the situation and the laws involved. In most cases committing murder will result in jail time. There are some situations, such as self defense, where jail time may not be a result of the death. Some instances of manslaughter are not punished with jail time, though they could be.

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