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Whats the scariest movie in the world?

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2011-07-22 09:03:11

Definitely The Exorcist. Yeah That Movie Scared the Crap Out of

Me Lol But seriously don't watch it

The scariest thing in the world is decided upon the self.

The state of mind determines what you are afraid of and what you

are not. I am speaking about phobias. Phobias such as social phobia

can cause someone to be deathly afraid of big groups. That will

make large groups the scariest thing in the world for them while a

Narcissistic or extroverted person will not be afraid of those

large groups but rather enjoy them. It all depends on one's state

of mind.

However, those fears can be cured by therapy (75% success rate

of feeling better after 6 months). Through directive therapies,

such as behavorial, humanistic, etc., or nondirective such as the

12 step self therapy can help that person get rid of the fear.

So, if you really want to know what is scary for you, find what

phobia you have and watch the movie that contains it. I assure you,

you will be scared.

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