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Whats the size height and weight of a Florida panther?

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Whats the average weight for a woman?

it depends on the height and age.

Whats Selena Gomez height and weight?

She is 5'4'' and 105 lb.

Whats the average weight of a 5'3 girl?

the average weight of a girl of this height is about 35 to 45 kg

Your height is 5.9 your weight is 179 pond your be iam over weigh?

Its not all about weight....whats your BMI?

What is the average weight of a female?

It depends on your height that how much you should weight on ) for 5'8 weight should be 67 kg for 5'5 it should be 50 kg so check out on net that whats the perfect weight according to your height.:)

Whats a healthy weight range for a teenage girl of average height?

Using an average height of 5 feet 3 inches as an average height, the healthy weight range is between 113 and 141 pounds for a young female according to weight watchers.

Whats the average weight for a 12 year old?

It all depends on height, here is a chart to help you: Hope this helped! ;)

What is the normal weight of an 18 years old boy?

that depends, whats your height? once you know your height go onto an online weight calculator and enter your height. that gives you your weight. and then i guess just go on the internet and type up average height for an 18 year old boy :) thats what id do anyway ...

Whats the average weight of a 13 year ol girl who is 4 feet and 12 inches?

The normal, healthy weight for this height is between 97 pounds and 123 pounds. Obesity begins at or above 153 pounds for this height.

Whats the distance from Melbourne Florida to Orlando Florida?

about 70 miles

Whats the height of Stupidity?

Stupidity doesnt have a height, it has a rate 1-10

Whats the height of sky from earth?


Whats the state flower of Florida?

The Florida State flower is an orange blossom.

Whats the largest city in Florida?


What is the average wait of a 14 year old girl with a height of 5ft 5in?

Whats the average weight of a 5' 5" 14 year old girl

Whats the mileage from NJ to Florida?

whats the mileage from Newark, NJ to Fort Lauderle, FL

Whats Dwyane Wades address?

Miami beach Florida 2216 Florida deen

Whats the weight for a 14 years?

This depends on many things such as gender, weight and height. We figure out our personally approppriate weight with the BMI calculation, your BMI is easily calculated with your weight and height. Not all 14 year olds should be the same weight because some of them are made differently. So heres how to calculate your BMI. You divide your height in cm by your weight in kilograms, but there are many sites that can calculate this for you such as the site below. just refer to the light blue box and enter in your details, (weight and height). but as a general observation by 14yrs , I am 53 kilograms which is counted as healthy because I am about 162cm.

Whats the height paying job?

buisness man

Whats Vanessa Hudgens height?

156 cm

Whats the normal weight for a 16 year old at 6 ft in height?

There are multiple indicators and indexes used to evaluate healthy weight range. However, only medical practitioners can make a diagnosis as to weight management. One such measure is body mass index. a healthy BMI for an adult of this height is between 94 and 128 pounds.

How do you find height of parallelogram?

it is base times height. No because if you cant find the height then whats the point of multiplying the base?

Whats the weight of the brain?


Whats the best beach in Florida?

palm beach

Whats the Average height for 13 month old?

average height of 13 months baby boy?