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Q: Whats the value of a 1940s Monark wood burning oven?
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First you need to know the brand. It could be a MONARK or a SILVER KING, etc. (Just like Pontiac and Chevrolet are both made by GM, but one is one, the other is the other). Then you need to know the model. For example, there were at least 20 models of Monarks and Silver Kings in 1955, so that's about 40 different bicycles in all. You need to know which of these is yours. Try has ever Monark and SIlver King catalogue and knows evertything there is to know about these bicycles. The bicycles in question would have to be "MONARK", not "Monarch" which was another company that did not make Silver King. Contact which has all original Silver King and Monark information. Be sure to read and follow instructions in the FAQs section for getting IDs done.

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