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Whats was the minimum wage in the year 1944?


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about $14 dollars for working a forty hour week


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The minimum wage for a fashion photographer is about $29,440 per year. This is according to the data provided by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

what year did minimum wage start

the year that minimum wage started was 1938

There was no minimum wage law in 1917

Minimum wage is the same regardless of age. Whatever the mimimum wage is where you are.

There is no legal minimal wage. For employees up to 21 year, the "minimum"-wage is +- 1387 Euro

Minimum wage is not determined by age, but the type of work done. If you are 50 and working at McDonalds you and the 20 year old working next to you make the same wage. Minimum wage is 7.50 to 8.00 an hour.

2014: The minimum wage in Ohio is $7.95 / hr for companies that have at least $292,000 in receipts. The minimum wage for tipped wages is half of this, or $3.98 / hr. For companies making less than this, the minimum wage is $7.25 / hour. 14 and 15 year olds also have a minimum wage of $7.25 / hour. The minimum wage in Ohio changes every year based on the US Consumer Price Index.

Minimum wage isn't calculated by age, it's established by state.

Minimum wage isn't established by age, it varies from state to state.

The national minimum wage for a 15 year old the same as it is for adults. As of 2014, the national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

The Minimum Wage is 7.25 for Nevada or go to the links shows all the stats minimum wage as of now and last year.

According to inflationary statistics, the minimum wage was about $4.00 in 1938, the year it became a federal law.

The federal minimum wage first went into effect in 1938. At that time, Congress set the minimum wage at 25 cents per hour.

The minimum wage for a 11 year old boy in New Jersey is $5.50 an hour. your dumb

National minimum wage is currently set at $7.25 per hour. However, minimum wage is set at the state level and thus varies from state to state. There are initiatives in place to raise the minimum wage in 2013.

Minimum wage doesn't vary by age. It's 5.15 in the US for ALL ages.

Minimum Wage. Jobs in retail (like Staples) pay minimum wage. Look up how much the minimum wage is in your state.

The minimum wage in Florida is recalculated every year based on the federal Consumer Price Index. Florida's minimum wage increased to $7.79 an hour for 2013.

The minimum wage for 17 year old in Illinois is $8.85 per hour. This is according to the rates that were provided as of 2013.

The minimum wage in Philippines when converted to US dollars is $.73, and this refers to a 40 hour work week. Minimum wage workers in the country make roughly 1,515 per year.

The Federal Minimum wage is the same everywhere, $6.25 (I think), however Arizona State Minimum Wage is $6.90. It is increased every year January 1, by rates to be determined by ( I believe ) in September of each year. No matter what, the higher wage always takes precedent.

Worked there for about year and it pays 6.50 minimum wage.

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