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Could be thermostat is not opening or collar on radiator is defective and needs to e resoldered sounds like a blown head gasket.

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Q: Whats wrong if your water or coolant is coming out of the radiator resavor Its like the pressure is so hard it broke couple caps already im on your third brand new radiator cap and still the coolant i?
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Your 1997 ford is over heating it is leaking from the radiator cap on the resavor what could be causing this problem i have tried everything?

From easiest to hardest: Does radiator have enough coolant? Is the fan working? Could be a bad thermostat. Water pump (there is a small hole in the bottom of the water pump. If there is water dripping out of the "weep" hole, then the water pump is bad). Could be a blown head gasket. (Is there any water in the oil or does the coolant in the radiator have a fuel smell?

Where is the power steering dipstick for 1994 BMW 325i?

check under your resavor cap

2000 ranger drive about 15 miles turn engine off water pushes cap off resavor waters not hot to where you cant stick finger in itnew water pump and thermostat?

It is either the head or head gasket, compression is getting into the water jackets causing air to go into your radiator.

Where is coolant fan hydraulic resavor located on 2000 Lincoln ls?

According to a drawing in the 2000 Lincoln LS Owner Guide : The engine cooling fan fluid reservoir is located in the engine compartment , it is between the engine and the passenger side of the engine compartment * it takes Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid , fill to MAX line on reservoir

Where is the 91 Mazda b2600i transmission resavor?

well if its a five speed its located on the driver side and there should be a square plug holding it. im not to sure about atomatics

How do you bleed air out of cooling system on a 2003 Chevy Malibu V6 and it still is acting like it has air and a popping sound and everything comes out of resavor?

First look on the engine cooling system for bleeder valves. Use them to bleed the air our. If if has none then remove the radiator cap and fill it to the very top with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. Turn the heater control to full hot and start the engine with the radiator cap off. Watch for escaping air bubbles and keep the radiator full at all times. Once you see no more air bubbles the air is purged.

When changing the hydraulic pump on a LX convertable when should you fill the empty resavor before you try to lower the roof or after and do you put the resavor plug in before trying it?

Yes you should put fluid back in before you lower the roof, otherwise you could damage the new pump. And yes you should put the reservoir plug in before trying it or you run the risk of leaking fluid out and damaging the new pump.

How to change the front brakes and rotors?

remove tap out clip holding the caliper....remove the caliper and brake pads....... (hang it on a bent cloths hanger.............remove the bearing cover...........remove the cotter pin.......remove bearing nut.........pull off the rotor and wheel bearing..........remove bearings from the rotor and clean very good with solvent and repack the bearings with wheel bearing grease to be ready to install in turned rotor or new replace rotor and tighten the nut very tight to seat the bearings then back off nut tighten the nut " hand tight plus 1/4 turn and install the cotter pin....remove the top off of the break fluid resivor and some kind of squeezing device to push the pucks back in and have plenty of cloths under the resavor in case fluid pumps over,install the pads and clips and caliper then the wheel . you may want to put some brake anti-squeel on the back of the pads before you install then.............good luck ERh

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