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Likely causes are the fuel system, or the ignition coil. Start by testing the fuel pressure, if you are injected, the pressure should be around 39psi, if not check the fuel filter, then the fuel pump and finally the fuel pressure regulator. Next try replacing the ignition coil. Good luck; Phill Truthfully there are many things that can be wrong. You need to narrow it down, because you are either loosing fuel supply, fuel injector pulse, or ignition spark. You need to make it act up, and check for spark. If you have spark, you know it is fuel. If you have no spark, you know it is ignition. If it is spark, you may have a faulty ignition module, pickup coil(stator), or ignition coil. If it is fuel, you may have a faulty fuel pump, PCM, PCM relay, fuel pump relay, or I have even seen a bad PCM ground at the battery cause this. The PCM ground wire is the small ground wire coming off of the battery ground. I hope this helps, but I can say that the most common problems with this car are: Number 1-fuel pump, Number 2- ignition module, coil, and stator, and Number 3- PCM ground wire.

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Q: Whats wrong when your 93 Taurus starts up and runs a while then dies the then got to wait 5 to 10 mins before it starts again but only goes 2 to 3 miles then dies again please help?
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