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Whats wrong with the computer eMachines?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-09 06:12:30

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*I have found problems with them myself. I also found out they were made by Gateway. That is when I stopped having anything to do with them. *A friend of mine has an eMachine computer and hasn't had any problems with it. She also uses it almost constantly when she is at home (which is a lot).

2006-08-09 06:12:30
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Is eMachines computer an HP computer?

eMachines is really a accer computer

How to fix computer?

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What is the CPU of an emachines computer?

eMachines is a line of computers, not a specific computer. The product line used a variety of processors.

What kind of PCs does the site eMachines offer?

The EMachines site provides support to customers who have purchased any eMachines notebook, netbook, desktop computer or monitor. The eMachines site also sells accessories for their notebooks and netbooks.

How do you fix a computer without paying?

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How do you fix my gateway computer?

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What type of memory does an eMachines T3042 computer use?

DDR333 PC2700

Which desktop computer is the best?

i think that emachines is the best with windows xp

Where do you put your sd card into your computer?

If you have a Emachines computer, then you put it into the little slot that says ''SD/MMC.''

What was the original MSRP for an eMachines T3508 Desktop Computer?

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Are emachines laptops any good?

I personally would stay away from emachines. Bad experiences with an old computer. emachines are mainly budget computers and if you are looking for a computer that can run things well then try somewhere else. Emachines, Gateway & Acer are all the same company and all 3 have some of the highest complaint levels & having the highest problem rates out of virtually all other brands available. Good for budget machine for basic email and browsing only, but that's it.

What is the average price in the US for the eMachines desktop computers?

The price online for an eMachines desktop computer can range anywhere from two-hundred and fifty to three-hundred dollars. Used computers can go even lower.

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Acer is large personal computer corporation. It has bought Emachines & Gateway. It intends to expand in the high tech area.

I'm not good with computers, can I buy a Compaq Memory card and install it on my emachines computer?

Yes the memory is universal to most machines

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