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I guess I got infected with your family's BS when I "hung out" with your mom/dad
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Whats wrong with the computer eMachines?

\n. \n The Good and Bad \n. \n . I have found problems with them myself. I also found out they were made by Gateway. That is when I stopped having anything to do with them.\n . \n . A friend of mine has an eMachine computer and hasn't had any problems with it. She also uses it almost c ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with convenience foods?

Answer . There's nothing wrong with the fact that a food's convenient- but most convenience foods are designed to be cheap, tasty and non-perishable. As a result, the ingredients chosen for products are typically empty and have many added sugars and fats. Trans-fats are typically used because th ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with lawyer jokes?

Answer . Lawyers don't think they're funny and nobody else thinks they're jokes.. Answer . They're not as good as blonde jokes.

Whats wrong with your bottom if it bleeds on and off?

Sometimes this can be caused by hemorrhoids, which are varicose veins in that area. But don't take a risk as there is the possibility of it being a number of more serious conditions, and it is very important to get it checked out. You'll either have nothing to worry about, or be able to get treatmen ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong if it burns when you urinate an theres blood in your urine?

Answer . you need to see the doctor and get medicine - it's most likely something they can give you medicine for - like penicillin. Answer . You probably have a bladder infection and should see your doctor as soon as possible. There is an over the counter medication called urastat that can ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with 1998 dodge stratus?

Answer . I would possibly need to know the problem or what it's doing or not doing before I can attempt to answer your question

Whats wrong with the rainforest?

Deforestation. This is because people want to cut wood to make things like furniture and things like that. When they cut wood they are also destroying animal's habitats and they are taking away oxygen. This is very bad for the enviroment.

Whats a good comeback?

There's a good way to answer bullies with comebacks, be reasonableand in a way complementary. Here are 10 comebacks. 1. You're a real expert at this. Congratulations. 2. It doesn't bother you that you're known for this around theentire school/work? 3. Are you yet satisfied? 4. I really don't know wh ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with Miley Cyrus?

Nothing, People say shes like a mini Brittney Spears but shes not. Shes done nothing wrong. Shes just a normal person having fun with her friends.

Whats wrong with this website?

This website is bad because random people answer the questions, even if they don't know the answer. It's just that there are people who pretend to know the answer, when they actually do not.

Whats wrong with you when you have long periods?

If you're still in the first couple years of having your period, then it's perfectly normal. You can take birth control pills to regulate it through your doctor.. If you've already been menstrating for a few years, then talk to your doctor because it should be regulated by now, although everyone's ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with roadkill?

A few things.. You don't know how long it's been dead. . You don't know if it was dead before it got run over. . If it is realllly messy, you don't know what it was when it was alive. . It's really tough to clean for the pot. . So if you're gonna eat it, you need to know what ran over it and h ( Full Answer )

You are dieting and working out but still not losing weight whats wrong?

Firstly, remember that noticeable changes in weight will take time to actually appear. Your weight is constantly fluctuating throughout the day- drink a liter of water and you'll temporarily "gain" ~2 pounds, at least until you excrete it. Because of this, it'll take some time to know whether or not ( Full Answer )

My 96 harley battery died on the freeway whats wrong?

Hi, This video should help you chase it down on why. -> http://www.ehow.com/video_2330193_check-motorcycle-battery.html Short add before the video & if you look. There are other videos for general maintinance. Dave

Whats wrong with your guinea pigs teeth?

Their teeth do not stop growing, you need to put many wooden toys in the cage for them to chew on to wear the teeth down naturally.

Whats wrong with the way that you speak?

I see that you had this under the category of Religion and Spirituality, so I think what you mean is,"what's wrong with speaking for my religion?" There is absolutely nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in and know in your heart is real. It's the best possible thing you can do when i ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong if you can't pee?

Your insides arent working and you need to see a doctor immeditly if you can not pee.I hope I helped because when this happened to me i had to go to the hospital and rn test intill they found out there was something wrong with my blatter that it was leaking into my body so i had to get surgery to fi ( Full Answer )

Why whats wrong with Ashley Tisdale?

If your refering to Why did Ashley tisdale get a nose surgery Well she said to the reporters that she couldn't breath through one of her nose wholes.

Whats wrong when your liver is swollen?

An enlarged liver can be a symptom of different disease, including,viral hepatitis, liver tumors, cirrhosis, nonalcoholic fatty liverdisease, and liver cancer. Some other conditions that may cause anenlarged liver are heart failure and gallbladder obstructions. Inmedical terms, an enlarged liver is ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with being a virgin?

Nothing's Wrong bein' a virgin , people ! Being one doesn't mean you're ' outcasted' already. You just choose to experience something at the right time. It doesn't mean that you don't 'know' anything bout that part of the world. You can be a bitcy but virgin, fella:)

Whats wrong with WikiAnswers?

Wikianswers is a site that constantly tries to improve its quality for the purpose of curious askers of questions. Sometimes there are wrong answers due to the fact that this is a community that allows the freedom of anyone to ask questions and include their input. People that work for Wikianswers a ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with fishing in Antarctica?

There's nothing 'wrong' with fishing anywhere. However, inAntarctic waters -- south of 60 degrees S -- it is forbidden by theAntarctic Treaty. Note that Antarctica is the name of a continent, and fish are seaanimals.

Whats wrong if a gas meter does not work?

The most likely problem is with the sending unit. The fuel sendingunit is mounted inside of the gas tank, and sends a signal to thefuel gauge showing how much gas is left in the tank.

Whats wrong with your fish if it wont swim or float but its not dead?

Perhaps its in a sort of shock? If the fish in question is a new pet fish, I mean. Normally when you buy a new fish, it comes in a plastic baggie. You're supposed to place the sealed baggy (with fish/water still inside) into its new fish tank. This makes the water in the baggy slowly change to th ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong when plasma stays black but you can hear the sound?

the video feed isn't getting through (AV cable not inserted properly or faulty or incorrect cable being used).. If the only cables going into the tv are the AC lead and the antenna cable the tv is faulty and needs a repairman. the video feed isn't getting through (AV cable not inserted properly or ( Full Answer )

What do i do when my girlfriend wont tell me whats wrong?

Ask her what's wrong over and over again. Act concerned, and do the little things in life that will make her happy (small persents, ect.) Most likely she'll snap out of it. Or you never know, it may just be PMS.

My stomach is bloated whats wrong?

You should be seeking professional medical help right now as opposed to waiting for an answer here. Medical abnormalities require the expertise of a medical professional.

If your chest hurts whats wrong?

You could be growing boobs if your in the age of 9-16...or heartburn if your older. Yeah. Chest pain can be attributed to several things. Heart attack is the worst of the list, but that has other symptoms which you do not list. So general chest pain can be due to asthma attack, heart burn, muscl ( Full Answer )

How do i know whats wrong with my car?

The problem is that your probably not blowing into the muffler to mix air in with the engine or you could be out of blinker fluid. Your cars fusion reactor could also be shorting out. In that case you would have to freeze your car for 100 days to fix it.

I've had my period for a month whats wrong?

That's whats happening to me. I don't really know what it means. But I have been taking Vitamin D and that is supposed to help but check with your doctor first!

Whats wrong with my car its lost its spark?

Your car can "lose" its spark for many reasons. The ignition system that delivers your spark is a linear one, like a chain, and if any of those individual links go bad you won't get a spark in your cylinder. On a distributor system: Something turns your distributor rotor (usually gear from cam ( Full Answer )

Whats wrong with love?

nothing is wrong with love exept the accational fight with your lover and disagreements apart from that love is pritty much wonderful you just have to controll the speed,you don't want to rush into anything if you get my drift,just be yourself!x

What is the comeback?

its a phone Umm...I don't think that the question asker is talking about that. The categort is in American Football History, not phones. Anyways, the comeback is like 2 positions lower than the quarterback...I think.

I feel cold and shivery. whats wrong with me?

A. Your not wearing enough layers. B. Turn your fire on. C. You may have something wrong with you, like Thryroid Disease http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/overactive_thyroid.html

Whats wrong with my foot?

It's planning a strike attack on you while your sleeping. What to do about this? I'd cut it off... :/

Can someone tell me whats wrong with me?

your a delusional freak that likes to undertake sexual intercouse with Chinese doctors. You also have 3 feet and no friends just like Casey Lynch

Whats wrong with refilling water bottles?

Provided that the bottles are properly cleaned and filled with clean water AND provided the consumer is not misled into thinking it is the branded version, nothing is wrong.

Whats the comeback of all time?

your moms is so fat A jacket store would not let have an X jacket because helicopters would try to land on her back

Whats wrong with quarrying?

Quarrying is a place that has rocks that has been excavated fromthe ground. This is also known as an open-pit mine.

Whats wrong with being gay?

Those who feel like there is something wrong with being gaytypically use the Bible to say that it is a sin.