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What you describe sounds like a bad battery since the car will run until you shut it off .It is possible that the alternator is not charging. Try this test, after a quick jump start when the battery is dead disconnect the positive battery cable, if the engine dies then the alternator is shot, if not then it is probably the battery. A better test is to put a voltmeter on the battery when running you should have about 14 or more volts, and when not it should read above 12 like 12.6. 12 or less is not good. A load test is the best. Take it to the parts store and they can test them both for free.

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Your 1997 cirrus only starts with a jump while driving battery lite stays lit?

battery light indication means a dead battery or a dead alternater/regulater or a fault in the charging/ignition system

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Why does my Ford Explorer only starts on the second attempt?

Your battery could need replaced, your alternator or starter could be going bad. It is best to have a mechanic look at it if this bothers you or it continues.

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What to do when car obd2 on dodge 2.7 liter shows p1684. and how to fix it?

P1684 is battery disconnected in the last 50 starts.Check battery cables.P1684 is battery disconnected in the last 50 starts.Check battery cables.

What is code P1684 on a 2001 Chrysler Sebring 2.7L?

Battery has been disconnected with in the last 50 starts.Battery has been disconnected with in the last 50 starts.

While driving your car stops and the electrical system fails then wont start but starts up after a minute or so. what can i do to fix it?

Start with the battery terminals and connections on the other ends of the battery wires. Check the battery itself as a loose plate in the battery could be heating up and shorting the battery for a moment causing the problem.

Car starts fine in the morning but after driving for a while it stalls out?

car starts but shut off while driving

1990 pick up it starts fine first time after a few hours driving if you shut if off it wont start why?

I had this problem in my 1990 Ford F150. The battery cables were bad and weren't carrying the charge from the alternator to the battery

Is alternator used once car starts?

The battery "starts" the car...after that the alternator keeps the battery charged. They work together in other words.

What could be wrong if your 1999 F-150 starts when jump starting but dies when jumper cables are disconnected?

You Probably Need a BatteryYour Battery is completely dead & needs replaced. Could be only problem if battery is old but if fairly new battery u might need an alternator. Take the battery to a parts store for testing. they normally don't charge for testing!

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Your Tacoma starts after clicking and the battery and starter are good so are the cables?

That usually means your cables are loose and aren't making good contact. The clicking is the arcing of the spark. Tighten your battery cable ends completely and make sure they can't spin on the posts at all.

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Battery is dead then when jump started is fine When car is turned off starts all over again Is this the battery or alternator?


Why On a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta it stalled while driving and now will not crank the motor with the key However if you push it and pop the clutch it starts and runs just fine What could be the problem?

check the battery

What starts a car?

The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.

Why when you connect the battery it makes sparks and it starts to burn the post of the battery?

Sounds like you are reversing the cables.

If you drop your mobile phone in the water what do you do?

Remove the battery, wait for a few hours/days until it is completely dry then replace and see if it starts up, if not then send it off for repairs, check the warranty first!

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If you are referring to an intermittent beeping that is the battery low alarm, there is about a week of life left in the unit. <<>> if the smoke is completely gone about 50 secs

What do you do if your MacBook is smoking?

If any computer starts smoking, act quickly.Handle with care. Parts smoking are hot enough to cause serious burns.Turn it off and unplug it. When it is cool enough, take out the battery if it has one, and let it cool down completely.When it is safe to move, take it in for repair. If it has a battery, take the battery in as well. Smoke could be from a failed component, or a failed battery.

Something that starts with b that helps a car run?

A battery helps a car run, and it starts with a B.