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well to fix the black smoke u might wanna check or change ur oil Black smoke is a sign of running rich aka burning too much fuel. Your gas mileage is taking a beating. When your on the highway it is probably dumping in so much fuel that it can't burn it and floods it out. The ticking noise MAY be that there has been so much fuel not being burned that it is getting into the oil and thinning it out. I would expect that if you pulled the dipstick for the oil that you will find it very thin and smelling of raw fuel. Get the problem diagnosed and fixed as well as an oil change if this seems to be accurate.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-27 01:53:54
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Q: Whats wrong with your car when the exhaust pipe blows black smoke and the car makes a ticking noise and every time you take it on the highway and go over 50 when you get off the highway it cuts off?
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Help one day my cars exhaust is clean like new and the other its black is the car trying to tell me something is it burning oil or what?

Sounds to me like the clean one is not being used at all, maybe it is a fake dual exhaust. I took that to be that you have duel exhaust, sorry. Sometimes a short drive or several short drives will leave the exhaust pipe sooty black. A good long highway drive will leave the exhaust pipe greyish white. This would be normal.

What causes black sooty exhaust?

What can cause black sooty exhaust is bad valve guides. When the guides are bad oil leaks into the cylinder when the car isn't running. When the car starts it produces black exhaust.

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Is it normal for black soot to be around exhaust manifold for a 2004 trailblazer LS?

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