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Q: When is it acceptable to use the second person (generally, only in direct quotes)?
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What is direct discourse?

Direct discourse describes the reporting of what someone said in another context. This generally involves quotes around what the person said.

Should direct quotes be put in quotation marks?

Direct quotes should be put into quotation marks

How do I get direct auto insurance quotes?

Any auto insurance company can provide direct quotes on their website.

When you are citing direct quotes in APA format do you use quotation marks?

Yes, when you are citing direct quotes in APA format you must use quotation marks.

What is a difference between a paraphrase and a quotation?

A paraphrase you put in your own words, but keep the essence of the thoughts or quotes. A quote is a direct statement of a person.

Are Quotation marks used for both direct and indirect quotations?

Quotation marks are used for direct quotes only. Indirect quotes are paraphrased and do not need quotation marks.

Are quotation marks are used for both direct and indirect quotations.?

Quotation marks are used for direct quotes only. Indirect quotes are paraphrased and do not need quotation marks.

What are the price quotes for Direct car insurance?

You can find quotes for Direct Car Insurance online at their website, There you can find out how to contact them and decide which option is the best for you and your car.

What insurance quotes can Direct Line give me?

Direct Line Insurance has a diverse portfolio of services. They can provide quotes for home, pet, car, business, travel, landlord, and van insurance.

Are the quotes that Quinn direct gives high quality?

The quotes are not of high quality. Other companies provide quotes with greater depth and reliability. Quinn Direct is also currently under investigation by numerous governmental agencies for fraud in their quoting processes.

How can someone get a line of insurance quote from Car Direct?

The company Cars Direct does not directly provide insurance quotes. Instead, you should seek an insurance company that does provide quotes, such as GEICO or Allstate.

What are direct quotes in writing?

A direct quote is where you record the exact words that the person used.For example:Direct quote: Mary said, "The train has already left the station."Indirect quote: Mary said that the train was already gone.

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