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Q: When utilizing subcutaneous fluids, the animal will be more comfortable with this if the fluids are warmed slightly?
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Would a polar bear be comfortable in a warm place?

No it would not be comfortable!A polar bear will not be comfortable in a warm place its youst to the cold in its home if you take that animal away from home the animal will have to much heat and might die.

Is testing on animal cells considered animal testing?

It is a slightly grey area, but generally no.

What can you do to help your animal?

You can keep your animal in comfortable quarters. Do not put an animal in a car in the summer. Give your animals water and quality food.

For animal injections should you inject intramuscular or subcutaneous?

Depends on the medication. VERY IMPORTANT. Either check the label, or ask the vet who sold it to you.

What are the most comfortable bmx grips?

fit originals or the animal grips

What animal is boneless and have a slightly yellowish tinge?

what is the heaviest boneless animal that has a yellowish tinge

What gives the heaviest boneless animal it's slightly yellowish tinge?


What is a Vole animal?

A vole is a small rodent, slightly bigger than a mouse.

What gives the skin it's slightly yellowish tinge it a heaviest boneless animal?

Diatoms give the skin its slightly yellowish tinge.

What did the native Americans wear on their feet?

I think they wore something comfortable and made by animal's fur.

What causes the war in this animal story?

When Rikki Tikki goes into the garden and makes himself comfortable!

Testosterone level of 1.1 means what?

It means that you are slightly more animal than the average man.

What animals come in different colors?

When an edible prey animal comes to resemble, even slightly, a distasteful animal, natural selection favours those.

What is the difference in a domesticated animal and awild animal?

Domesticated animals are breed specially for human use and are comfortable with them around. Wild animals are feral and are not familiar with human contact.

Dogs with kidney disease eat boiled chicken?

It is important to try and get fluids into an animal with CRF. Boiled chicken would be a good choice, also include some of the juices as this will help aid the ailing kidneys. Subcutaneous fluids are crucial to any animal who has CRF.

Which animal doesn't hibernate?

Pandas love sleep, but they don't hibernate. Instead they seek more comfortable altitudes.

The cure for distemper?

Tincture of Time....and luck. Once the animal is symptomatic treatment is designed to support the body and try to make the animal comfortable until the body has time to recover.

Which is the largest land animal found in Asia?

The Asian elephant (which is slightly smaller than the African elephant).

Why is animal testing legal?

Animal testing is legal because animal testing has been used to cure some of the deadliest ailments. Animals used in testing are also mostly rats and mice, who have safe, comfortable homes.

What type of clothing do the hunters wear?

the hunt gatherers wore animal skins which kept them warm is the winter,but mostly comfortable

Does exhaled air contain more Carbon Dioxide than normal air?

air exhaled by an animal would have slightly more CO2 Air exhaled from a plant would have slightly less.

What is the only land animal that has three eyelids?

A cat ! Cats have an upper and lower eyelid - and a third subcutaneous membrane that closes from the side of the eyeball. Since the question is in the Care of Reptiles section, I assume, they're asking for a reptile?

What is 'animal abuse'?

If one is in charge of the welfare of an animal one should see to it that the animal has a place to live that is reasonably comfortable that the animal is fed properly and that it receives medical attention when required it is abuse if these guide lines are not followed. when a human has contact with an animal and knowingly causes it harm for any reason this is also abuse.

How does animal fur help?

well technically fur helps keep them warm so if they are so cold they can have their fur to protect them and keep them comfortable!

How is the cell membrane different in the plant and animal cell?

I don't think it is, as they both stop sertain things getting to the nuecleus. But on a plant cell it is protected by the cell wall, but on the animal cell, it is not, so this means that on the animal cell, it must be slightly stronger