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Q: When you go to bed early like 5:00 PM and wake up late why do ou still be sleepy?
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What was Ireland like in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

people were mostly poor

Is the TV show Lizzie McGuire still viewing?

Yes, it is, but only low traffic hours like early morning and late night. Also, barely ever on Disney Channel.

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Like when its late ( almost done with the year. ) its almost over. (year over ) And early, (The start of a new year, ) Means it just began. (Year starting)

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Early spring still feels like winter. It's not until very late spring that it starts to feel like spring. One of Colorado Springs's worst blizzards in history happened in May 1997

This time my period was 10 days late and its been 4 days of my period but still having pain in breast feeling of stomach fullness and also don't feel sleepy now days what may cause these things?

it sounds like you should take a home pregnancy test.

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it was a little crazy

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Both are appropriate . At half past four in the early morning one could still be up (ie late going to bed) or already up (a very early riser to do something very early like milk the cows)

What does urine smell like in early pregnancy?

Urine. Ammonia. The smell of urine does not change in early pregnancy. Or late pregnancy.

Can you be a pirate in the 21st century?

== Yes, there are still pirates. == However, they are not at all like the romanticized pirates of the late 1600s and early 1700s. Today's pirates tend to be ruthless drug-runners who kill everyone in their path.

What did Washington Erving do?

Washington Irving was an early American writer, biographer, and politician who wrote books and stories like, "Rip van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".

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between as early as 8 or late like 16

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late 1970...early 1980 something like that

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chicken noodles

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it's because its like a sleepy place

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THey were treted bad

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They worked early morning till late at night and did work like sewing and stuff

Can you get implantation bleeding four days after sex also when i wipe after peeing i get this burning feeling is that anything to do with implantation bleeding i was five days late am i still late or?

No this is too early for implantation bleeding. It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. This will cause vaginal bleeding in severe cases. Please see your doctor.

What did people do at parties in the late 1700's and early 1800's?

They did lots of stuff like dance

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sounds like him

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No, the September Equinox can fall as early as the 21st, like it will in 2096, to as late as the 24th, like it did in 1903.