When California applied for statehood the majority of its residents wanted California to enter the union?


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As a free state, I think...

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Indiana applied for statehood in 1815 when they had over 60,000 people in their population

applied for statehood as a free state.

The newly acquired territory of California applied for Statehood as free State in 1849. It became a free USA State in 1850.

They generally started as territories and applied for statehood when they advanced and grew.

No, of course not. Canada is it's own country.

New York applied for statehood on July 26, 1788. Before it was a state it was known as the Province of New York.

The 49ers contributed to California becoming a state because of the gold. It brought forgien people to find the gold, but while doing this they had to buy supplies from the Americans. When California applied for statehood there was some controverse to if it would be a northern or southern state

California's constitution outlawed slavery. Southern slave states didn't want California or any other state to be admitted to the Union as a free state because it would upset the balance of free states to slave states. The matter was settled by the Compromise of 1850.

A state is a territory with over 100,000 people in it, and has applied for statehood to the U.S. government.

After Virginia seceded from the Union, Wast Virginia seceded from Virginia and applied for statehood to the US Congress.

Utah applied for statehood 7 times including the last attempt when they were finally admitted as a state. The dates for the different attempts are: 1849 1856 1862 1872 1882 1887 1896

Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory. Basically, the United States controls it, but Puerto Rico has not applied for statehood.

That state was Franklin, now part of North Carolina. They applied for statehood but were rejected by Congress.

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California and Oregon but there are more states

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The states officially were named when they applied for statehood. Most of them kept the names they had had for a long time as territories or colonies. The related link gives the origin of each state name,

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You're kidding right? they started as colonies, then known as states and since there was a lot of people and land, it became a nation. They called it USA and more places applied for statehood.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 called for the citizens of a territory to vote on the issue of slavery before they applied for statehood. The idea was termed popular sovereignty.

It's not an occupation as much as a personality - an unsophisticated person from a remote place. Apparently first applied to residents of Indiana as a derogatory term, it was adopted as a title of pride.

Around the mid 1800s, several states tried to be admitted into the union. This caused tension between the north and south since they had such varying views on slavery. When California applied for statehood, it only exemplified the differences between the two regions since they felt so strongly on whether slavery should or shouldn't be allowed.

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