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When Columbus made landfall he thought he had arrived in?

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East Indies

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Where did Christopher Columbus's expedition first make landfall?

Im pretty sure that Christopher Columbus first made landfall in Greenland.

When did Columbus arrive in America?

He technically never landed in America. He hit the Bahamas and thought he was in IndiaAnswerArrived in 1492 AnswerArrived in 1492 Columbus's goal was to reach India, but he made a mistake and landed in the Bahamas. He arrived there in 1492. A silly way to remember it is "IN 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue" Columbus still thought he was in India and called the people that lived there Indians.

What year did they make the dollar bill with christopher Columbus on it in the Bahamas?

It was made in the year 1992, & is better known as the quincentennial dollar. Quin-5, Centennial-100, meaning Columbus made landfall 500 years before the dollar bill was made in honor of him

What category when hurricane Andrew made landfall?

Hurricane Andrew was a category 5 storm when it made landfall in the Bahamas and Florida and a category 3 at landfall in Louisiana.

How many trips did Columbus made from Spain to what he thought was India?

Chistopher Columbus took 4 trips

What is the date Columbus discovered America?

Supposedly 1492, but Vikings made it to the region now called Canada, so they arrived before Columbus. Then again, the American Indians arrived even earlier via the Bering Strait.

What year did European settlers first arrive in Cuba?

Europeans first arrived in Cuba when Christopher Columbus sailed south after making landfall in the Bahamas in 1492. The natives of the Bahamas told of wealthy people to the south on an island that they called Cuba, which makes Cuba special as a place still with its original name. Because Columbus had thought he had arrived in Asia, he made the assumption that Cuba was Japan. The first European settlement wasn't made in Cuba until 1511 by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, who founded a small town called Baracoa, which still survives to this day. Cuéllar also went on to establish the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Havana.

Where did hurricane Andrew first make landfall?

Hurricane Andrew first made landfall in Homestead Florida, which is just south of Miami. He later made another landfall in Louisiana.

When did hurricane Issachit landfall?

Hurricane Isaac made landfall on August 29, 2012.

When did Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the US Gulf Coast?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the U.S. on August 29, 2005.

Where did Columbus want to go?

India, and when he got here he thought he had made it, and that is why a lot of people use the INCORRECT term of Indians instead of Native Americans. It is because Columbus thought they were Indians.

What people thought as they arrived to Auschwitz?

The camp was made to look like a train station. So when the trains "delivering" the Jews arrived, they believed they were safe.

When did hurricane kirk make landfall in 2012?

Kirk made landfall in Newfoundland as a post-tropical cyclone.

What was the major mistake Columbus made when he reached the island of the Caribbean sea?

He thought it as India.....

Did Christopher Columbus send Indians to Europe for slavery?

yes and for proof that he had made it to what he thought was asia.

Can a hurricane make more than one impacts?

Yes. It is not uncommon for a hurricane to make more than one landfall. Some of the more infamous ones include:Hurricane Andrew of 1992 made landfall in Florida and on the U.S. Gulf CoastHurricane Katrina of 2005 made landfall in Florida and on the U.S. Gulf CoastHurricane Sandy of 2012 made landfall in Jamaica, Cuba, and New JerseyHurricane Charley of 2004 made landfall in Cuba, Florida, and North Carolina.

What category was hurricane rita when it made landfall?

Category 3.

Why did cristopher Columbus discover?

he thought he found a shorter trade route and that would of made him really famous ...... i think

What explorer thought he had reached asia but made the first European land claims in north America?

Christopher Columbus.

What was hurricane Gloria's landfall area?

Hurricane Gloria first made landfall on coastal North Carolina, especially Cape Hatteras. (she had sistained winds of 105 m.p.h.) She paralleled the coast, and made her second landfall in central long island with lesser 85 m.p.h. sustained winds. Her winds affected the areas inlcuding Islip and Fire Island. Her final landfall was made in Bridgeport Connecticut, with sustained winds of 80 m.p.h.

Where did Columbus actually land when he thought he was in India?

It is difficult to know exactly as there were no maps made until after he had landed. It is thought he probably first landed on Watling Island in the Bahamas.

How many hurricanes hit the US in the year of 2012?

Two hurricanes made landfall in the United States in 2012: Hurricane Isaac on August 29, and Hurricane Sandy on October 29. Though Sandy was technically a post-tropical cyclone by the time it made landfall, it is generally counted as a hurricane. Additionally, two tropical storms made landfall in the U.S. Beryl made landfall as a strong tropical storm on May 30. Beryl may have briefly reached hurricane intensity, but the available information is inconclusive. The other storm was Debbie, which made landfall as a minimal tropical storm on June 26.

What date did Hurricane Katrina make landfall?

Hurricane Katrina actually first made landfall on the southern tip of Florida on August 25, 2005. It didn't make landfall in Mississippi and Louisana until August 29, 2005.

What category stage was Hurricane Sandy when it made landfall?

Hurricane Sandy was a category 1 hurricane at landfall in Jamaica, and a category 3 storm at landfall in Cuba and the Bahamas. It hit the U.S. east coast with category 1 winds.

Where is hurricane rita now?

In the record books. It made landfall in Texas.