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2009-11-22 14:34:03
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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: When HIV positive girl touches the penis can HIV transmit happen?
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What do you do if a girl touches your penis?

nothing to do but except it as flirting

Does aids happen by touching each others penis?

No skin to skin contact will not transmit AIDS, neither will getting blood or semen on has to enter your body through your mouth, nose, eyes, penis (the hole) or the anus.

What do you do if a girl touches your penis and you're not hard?

it means your not attracted to her

If you are wearing cloth and your penis touches her Virginia?

It hurts fool!

What is the difference between transmit and absorb?

one has an extremely large penis

If a man penis touches a woman back and the penis front point get little wet does she get pregnant?

wow-be more specific -__-

What does it mean when a guy touches his penis when he looks at you?

Either it was itchy or he got a BONERRR!!

can you get pregnant if a boys penis touches your butt with pants on?

No, you cannot get pregnant this way.

If he touches his penis in front of you is he gay?

No. He is only gay if he's attracted to other men.

If penis just touches vaginal entry region may girl fall pregnant?

Only if there was pre-ejaculatory or ejaculatory fluids on his penis.

Is it sexy to feel a guys boner?

Yes, it is, when a woman touches the man's penis, it makes her happy.

Can you get HIV if an infected woman suck only your penis?

Extremely unlikely. HIV is a bloodborne virus and so it is transmitted by blood to blood contact. If the woman has open sores in her mouth and you have an open and bleeding wound on your penis then it is possible to transmit HIV. But if the skin on your penis is intact and she is not bleeding from her mouth then it is extremely unlikely that you could catch HIV by receiving fellatio from a woman who was HIV positive.

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