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A last period on 6th Feb with a 35 day cycle would give a due date of 20th November but this still gives a 16 day discrepancy at a very early stage when the scan should be accurate within 2/3 days. Put the date of your scan on the discussion section and I will try to help. englishangel

2006-08-02 07:11:20
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How much water is in the water cycle?

50ml of water is involed in the water cylce

Where does the Krebs cylce takes place?

The Krebs Cycle takes place in the mitochondrion.

What is a water cylce?

A water cycle is a sequence of stages that show the way water condenses and evaporates.

What cylce did Carrie Underwood win in American idol?

She won American the Fourth season soo. cycle # 4

What is self-generating theory in business cycle?

One phase of business cylce grows out of the preceding phase.

Do front loading washing machines take longer to cycle through a complete wash load?

Typically, the cycle time is longer. However, the arguement is that because the front loader has the ability to remove more water during the sping cylce your drying time will be less.

What are the three processes of aerobic respiration?

Glycolysis, the Krebs Cylce (aka citric acid cycle), electron transport chain

What generally happens in the Krebs cycle?

The Kreb's cylce occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria. 2 ATP and 2 CO2 are released.

What is waters favorite way to travel?

water cylce

What does the Krebs cylce produce?

Simply, Kreb's Cycle produces ENERGY!See the step at which "Succinyl CoA" is converted to "Succinic Acid". During that step a molecule of Phosporic acid is combined with a molecule of ADP resulting in a molecule of ATP which contains energy stored within it. (In the form of a Phosphate bond)So, Kreb's Cylce is a cycle at which energy is obtained from fuel molecules (Fatty acids and Carbohydrates)

Can the kreb's cylce occur if there is no oxygen?


What is the shortcut word for bicycle?


If your cylce range between 30 and 35 days when do you ovulate?

since your cycle is so long and veries so much you actually have an 11 day stretch lol so youd ovulate anywhere between the 14th- 23 day of your cycle

What phase of the cell cylce are the brain cells in?

it is Interphase

What is a rock cylce?

Igneous, Metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks

Which phase of cell cylce does cytokinesis occur?


What is the differences between glyoxylate cycle and citric acid cycle?

The major difference in both is that,glyoxylate cycle occurs in glyoxysome of germinating plants while TCA occurs in the mitochondria of animals. Glyoxylate cycle involves 5 steps,while TCA involves 8 steps. The enzyme isocitrate lyase,converts isocitrate to alpha-ketoglutarate in TCA cylce,but in glyoxylate cycle,it converts isocitrate to succinate and glyoxylate,where the name camr from.

I have 2 cycle engine oil will it work on my lawnmower that calles for sae 30 oil?

No don't use 2 cylce in the crank case. You can use sae 30 or 10-30 but NOT 2 cycle as it is make to mix with gas and go in a gas tank - never in a crank case.

If you had PROTECTED sex for the very first time right after having your period how long will it take to have your next period?

About 18 -22 days depending on your cycle, you must count the days between your cylce to establish your average.

What is the carbon cylce?

The carbon cycle is the process by which organic matter is interconverted in the environment. This involves CO2 into living tissue by photosynthesis and return to the atmosphere through respiration. Also, the decay of organisms and the burning of fossil fuels.

What is a life cylce of a mammal?

birth / adult / reproduce / death /

How often do female dogs have their cylce?

usually every 6 months

A model showing the processes that create and change rock?

The rock cylce.

Why is the dark reaction called a cylce?

because it recurrs over and over.

When does americas next top model cycle 17 start?

all over the internet it is saying about how cylce 17 is over, its only over in the states it hasnt even started in the uk but its starting on skyliving on monday the 10th of january.