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Through a fascist Dictatorship, much like Hitler ruled Germany. As a matter of fact, the two men admired each other a great deal.

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Q: When Mussolini became a dictator how did he rule his people?
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What type of rule did Mussolini do?

He was a military (a Fascist) dictator.

What kind of government did Benito Mussolini rule?


Italian government in World War 2?

The Italian Government was a dictator rule under a fascist government. The dictator was Benito Mussolini.

Why was Mussolini killed by people?

because he tried and did rule them as a communist dictator. i guess the people didnt like that so they kill the one ruling them. heres your lesson, dont try to rule people, you just might get killed.

Why was Italy Hitler's ally?

At that point of time, Italy was under the rule of a fascist dictator by the name of Benito Mussolini.

What countries did Hitler Stalin and Mussolini rule?

Hitler ruled Nazi Germany(Deutschland), Stalin was the leader of the bolshevik revolution, he was the people's commissar, Mussolini was a fascist, Italian dictator.

How did Benito Mussolini rule Italy?

he became leader because caleb is awesome

Was Francisco Franco a Spanish dictator who opposed Hitler and Nazi rule?

No. Franco led the Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War, and was aided by Hitler and Mussolini. Franco won the war and became ruler of Spain from 1939 to 1975.

What are people who rule a country with complete authority?


How did Mussolini rule as a leader?

starting as a union leader having thousands of followers in an unstable political inviorment. ran as a dictator and was handed the office by the currant regime

Did the Jamestown colony have a self-government no government rule by a president or rule by a dictator?


What is the tyrannical rule?

Tyrannical Rule places absolute governmental power in the hands of one person. The person who has the power is called a tyrant or dictator. Adolp Hitler and Benito Mussolini are examples tyrannical dictators from the 20th century.

Did Hitler rule as a dictator and encourage the people to maintain a pure race?


Who rules with no citizens approval?

Dictator - A dictator has absolute rule.

What did he do that was bad to become dictator?

youkill anyone that gets in your way and rule people lives

What country did Mussolini rule?


When did Mussolini rule?

1922 - 1943

How did Mussolini control people?

Mussolini expected all Italians to obey him. Those who opposed his authority were punished. They were made to follow the motto 'Me ne frego' meaning 'I do not give a damn'. Mussolini had an iron rule over his people where men were forced to fight for him.

Did Hitler rule as a dictator and stirred the people to continue to be a pure race?

Yes ------------- The ruling as a dictator bit is debateable, he was more of a talker than a do-er.

How does a dictator work?

The way a dictatorship works is the dictator has rule over everyone.

What is the dictator of Iraq?

in present time, there is no dictator in rule of Iraq. but before 2003, Saddam Hussein was the dictator in Iraq.

What country did bentio mussolini rule?


How long did Mussolini rule?

18 years

When did benito mussolini rule?

1922 - 1943

Did Mussolini have a one rule party?