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You must take it to your dealer to have the computer flashed...cost about $35 or if you bring the service writer a Starbucks...only $10.95....KEV.

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Q: When a 2001 VW Passat exceeds 10mph the doors auto lock how can you turn this annoyance off?
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Rear doors will not open on my 1998 passat?

The rear doors on a 1998 Passat will not open if the lock is engaged, the child proof switch has been flipped, or the door release is broken. Repairing this problem begins by narrowing down the root cause.

Where is bcm located on vw passat?

The bcm that controls power windows, locks and doors is located on the driverside floor.

How many child safety features does the Volkswagen Passat feature?

The Volkswagen Passat has front, side, and rear air bags. It has child safety locks for the windows and doors. There is also noted an emergency release trunk button.

How do you disable the factory car alarm of a 1999 Volkswagen Passat?

Close all the doors then use your key, keying through the door key hole to turn lock then turn to unlock all the doors.

How do you open 1995 VW Passat Gas Filler door?

Unlock the doors, from the outside, just turn the key to unlock direction 2x. This will make all doors unlock-including the fuel door.

How do you open the fuel door for a 1997 vw passat?

I had the same problem with my '96 Passat when i got it. All i had to do was to put my key in the driver side door and wait until all the doors were unlocked. That unlocked my fuel door as well. you.

Speaker size for 2003 vw passat?

yes the front two doors speakers are 6.5 and the back passenger seat speakers are 5.25 .

Does the doors auto lock on a 2005 745li BMW when in drive?

I would be hugely surprised if they didn't! You can change the settings for door locks on the OBD (On Board Computer) through the iDrive. You usually have to go over 10mph for it it lock

Where is the gas opener on a 1997 Volkswagen Passat gls?

There is no opener as such. If you check, you will find that when the car doors are unlocked, so is the gas cap door, and vice-versa. When the car doors are locked, so is the gas cap door. They run off the same electrical air pump - vaccum line system.

How can you disable the automatic door locks on a 2002 Passat so when you start driving the doors don't lock?

Your dealer can reprogram the locks for you or you can find someone with a VAGCOM. Google search it and you'll find someone local.

Remove threshold trim front doors on 2003 passat?

The 2003 VW front door threshold trim is held in place with for retaining screws. Remove the retaining screws and the threshold trim will come off.

Does the 1998 passat have two fuse boxes?

the 2005(55) models have 3 one at each end of the dash(open doors fully and remove plastic cover on end of dash) and one under the bonnet

2002 Passat-The alarm goes off everytime you lock the doors how can you fix?

This happened to my with my Explorer. The key fob was squished and the panic button was being hit when I locked the doors. First try a different key fob. If that works or if you don't have one pull the key fob apart and make sure the contacts aren't touching. Good Luck.

Can you install a trip computer in a wolkswagen passat that didn't have one factory installed?

Yes it can be added if you like, it can be very timely and costly. Best place to get this done would be a shop where they do custom installs in everything from doors/systems/seats/engine.

Where is the gas filler switch on a 1997 Passat?

: If by the gas filler switch you mean a way to open up (unlock),the gas cap cover, there is none. You unlock the cover by unlocking all the doors via the driver side doorlock. Cheers.

How do you put the childlock in vw passat 05?

the child safety lock for the rear doors is located on the door, open the door and locate the lever or button, usually near the latch, has a picture or a decal showing what direction is what, then move to desired position.

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You just purchased a 1998 Passat it came with no manual you cant get the trunk to lock is there a secret you should know about?

The trunk automatically locks when the central locking is activated. Do you mean that the trunk remains unlocked even when the car doors are locked? The lock systems on these cars are not good either in terms of logic or manufacture. You may find this link, which details the repair to a door lock, helpful.

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How do you repair and or replace the driver's side door handle on a 1991 passat gl?

I have seen these on eBay for real cheap. I own a 90 Passat and have had to do lots to the doors locks but not change the handle. You'll have to start from the inside first, remove the door panel which only has 2-3 screws on each side. If you order one on ebay, or wherever, the unit should include further instructions. Remember that your key will not match doing it this way. If you want the key to match you need to contact a locksmith. Not knowing exactly why you need to do this a locksmith may be your best bet as they will match all the doors to one key or your existing key.