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When a NBA coach or player is ejected from a game before halftime are they allowed to interact with the team during halftime?


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2004-03-26 14:42:00
2004-03-26 14:42:00

We think that you could be able to interact since they have to go to the locker room anyways.


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Yes. Being ejected from the game means you must leave the floor area and not participate in the game as it is being played. There is no rule stating that a disqualified coach cannot address his team at halftime. Chances are the Stanford coach (2008 NCAA March Madness) was watching the game on TV in the locker room and knew what was going on in the game and had his halftime instructions prepared when the team entered the locker room.

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They had most rights taken away from them. They were not allowed to work in many jobs, they were limited in how much they were allowed to interact with Aryans.

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Why would you be ejected for fouling too much? There's no limit to how many foul balls a player can have.

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