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Copy{3E10}&softpage=Doc_Frame_PG42 The lender should be able to give you this info. It will likely be at a wholesale car auction for dealers only. You need to read the CONTRACT you signed. You will likely be responsible for the balance due on the loan.

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Q: When a car is repossessed and sold at auction in NJ how will this auction be handled and can you find this info anywhere?
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How do find repossessed auction in your area?

The Classifieds, or google.

Where can I find cheap repossessed Cars?

Your local car auction can provide you with a great selection of repossessed cars and trucks. You can contact banks and lending istituions for a list of cars tey have for sale most cars are sold at auction.

Where can you find out the most auction for cars online?

You can find thousands of government owned/repossessed cars by going to the government auction site. The prices start very low and there are thousands to choose from.

How can you find out where a bank will sell your repossessed vehicle?

It will most likely go to a wholesale auction where only licensed dealers are allowed to bid.

Where can you buy repossessed automobiles in the US?

You can buy repossessed automobiles in the U.S. through many county auto auctions or police auto auctions. Check with your local courthouse or police department to find the next auction.

How might one purchase a bank repossessed car?

Buying a repossessed car today can be a great way to save money, but be careful to inspect the car to be sure there are no hidden problems since they are typically sold "as is". Some dealers specialize in repossessed cars and you can also find them at a local auction.

How do you get a repossed vehicle back?

If your car is repossessed and you want to get it back, you can contact the finance company and clear any outstanding payments. They may agree to return your vehicle to you if they have not already sold it but be warned that lenders try and sell repossessed vehicles as quickly as possible to try and recoup funds. The finance companies often sell the repossessed vehicles at a car auction. Here they can be sold "as seen" and at a lower price than market value, thus they can be sold quickly. It is often possible to find out which auction your car is being sold at and you can get your repossessed vehicle back yourself by attending the car auction and bidding.

What is the catch in buying repossessed cars?

The biggest turn-off when buying Repossessed Car:As you already know, Repossessed Car Auction is a great way to buy your new car or other types of vehicle (boat repo auction, RV repo auction, ...); however, it seems almost too good to be true, because the price is very low. The catch lies in the fact that Repossessed Cars were taken from their previous owners by the government, so they are basically used cars. Therefore, you must take all the steps necessary to find out about the history or the damages of the repossessed car yourself.Why you should still go for Repossessed Car:The easiest answer is: because it is very cheap. Normally, you can find one at as low as $200. Furthermore, even though repossessed cars have been used, they were taken away because their owners couldn't pay the bills, not because they were damaged or got into accidents. Thus, most of the times you will find very good repossessed cars that are perfectly normal and usable. Still, remember to check its history and VIN number! Also, remember to visit websites like to prepare your knowledge before going to a real repossessed car auction.

Where can I buy cheap pickup trucks?

You can find cheap pickup trucks at auctions. When cars a repossessed or taken by the cops they go up at auction. You can bid on these trucks and get a good price for them.

How can a person find and buy repossessed cars?

Repossessed cars are usually auctioned off in the county they were repoed in, you can also try this link to help find repossessed cars,

Where can one purchase cheap storage units?

One can purchase cheap storage unit from the following online stores; LoopNet, Auction zip find auction anywhere, Selfstorages, Findstorage fast, and BizQuest.

Where is the best place to buy a used ford mustang?

I would think that an auction for cars that have been repossessed is a great place to find a cheap car. I would also look on Craigslist and Ebay too.

Where can one find information on repossessed car auctions?

You can find information on repossessed car auctions on websites such as Absa (under repossessed cars), AutoBidMaster and RepoDirect. Depending on where you live there can also be local sources of information.

What happens in Texas if you voluntarily have your car repossessed and money is still owed after the car has been sold at an auction?

Chris, I dont know the answer to the question YET. I will find out today. Email me latyer on and Ill have it for you. What does the lender "say" they will do???

Where can i find a sample letter of a 10 day repossession letter after repossessed?

need a 10 day letter after vehicle is repossessed

What are your rights if your car is repossessed in Texas?

If your car has been respossessed, you no longer have the right to continue paying it off because they have lost faith in your ability to make payments. The bank has already paid about 500 to a tow truck driver to find and recapture the vehicle. However, you could buy it back at auction. See your bank for the auction date.

Wher can I find used Tractors up for auction?

You can find tractors for auction at specialise in tractors.

How do you find out what price your repossessed car was sold for?

ASK the lender.

Where could I find an auction with farm equipment for sale in Minneapolis?

You can go to to find an auction with farm equipment for sale in Minneapolis.

How can I find cars up for auction?

You can find cars up for auction in your local newspapers and all over internet. The best thing to do is to visit a car auction site and contact the owner of the car.

Where to buy repossessed motorhomes?

where you need to go to buy repossessed motorhomes, varies according to where you live. Obviously, the best place to buy is to buy them less than 200 miles from your home. That way they are easier to inspect before buying, and they are easier to transport. If you find a good deal on a motorhome that is for sale in Alaska, you have to take into consideration that it will probably cost you $2000 to drive it home. The best place to find repossessed motorhomes and RVs is to either find them for sale by a credit union, or else try to find them at a local auction. Sometimes you can even get a good deal on motorhomes that are in pre-for closure. Whenby these motorhomes you have an opportunity to short sell the bank and save a lot of money in the process.

Where can repossessed cars be bought?

Repossessed cars may be purchased from many car dealerships some specialize in repossessed vehicles and others may have the occasional defaulted payment. Another great place to find repossessed cars is with a financial institution, there are many people struggling, taking credit, the car is often the first thing repossessed when the loan is called in.

Repossessed Cars Offer Great Value?

In today’s tough economy many car buyers are looking for ways to save a buck. Repossessed cars can offer good value on high quality vehicles for low prices. Because of the rough economic times there are currently more repossessed cars up for sale or auction than ever before. Repossessed cars are not to be confused with seized or abandoned vehicles that are typically sold by police departments. These are vehicles that have been taken back by banks or loan companies after the buyer defaulted on the payments. Many banks are simply looking to collect the balance due and may even be willing to take a slight loss. It’s better for them to recoup some money than nothing at all. Because of this there are plenty of bargains to be found. Many of the vehicles are only one or two years old. Finding repossessed vehicles is as easy as searching online. You can also check local newspapers and community bulletin boards. Call your local newspapers and ask them if they print local car auction information. Be sure to fund out what days the information is published on. Another method is to call local banks and loan companies to ask them about their repossessed cars. Check online or your local yellow pages for nearby auction companies that deal with repossessed cars. They’ll be happy to give you a list of auction times if you give them a phone call. With a little bit of effort you can usually get them to give you a list of vehicles that will be up for auction right over the phone. Last of all, look for small banks and institutions with repossessed cars they wish to sell directly. You may even be able to negotiate a cheaper price than they initially ask for. When searching for bargains it pays to do some research. Get yourself an up to date copy of Kelly Blue Book and the N.A.D.A. Guide. If you can find out the make, model, and year of the vehicles up for auction, you can find their value before making a bid on them. Find out in advance if you can get any guarantee or warranty on the vehicle before you commit to buy.

Once your car has been repossessed and sold in Ohio how can you find out how much it was sold for?

Usually you will get a sale letter from the finance company or bank letting you know where the car will be sold, at what auction, and once it is over they will send you a letter of how much the car sold for and the remainder they will send you a bill for. This is concerning a public auction of your vehicle. If it was sold privately by the dealership or whomever, the only thing to do is call and ask.

How can I find out the value of two 1988 California Raisin lamps. I think they are rare because I can not find them anywhere on the internet.?

Go to your local auction house that deals in similar antiques or even a free lance trader of antiques...