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Depends on WHERE they were going with the stuff. IF they were doing an inventory of PP so they could be returned to the debtor,yes. If they were gonna keep them for themselves, NO. Of course, they were going into PP inventory.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-09 13:41:34
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Q: When a car is repossessed is the tow company allowed to disconnect stereo equipment such as amps and speakers?
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Can you get your speakers out of your car if its been repossessed?

If they're mounted already, you won't be allowed to, unless you sucessfully petition the lienholder to allow it.

Are you allowed to obtain your personal property from your car that was repossessed?

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Can you retrieve personal belongings from a repo car?

Yes you can retrieve personal belongings from your car if it gets repossessed. By law you are allowed 7 days after your car gets repossessed to retrieve your personal belongings.

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YES, they have to get your Personal Property out to inventory it and store it until you pick it up.

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it doesn't matter if the pope takes over your vehicle payments. if he stops making them, your credit is damaged and the vehicle is repossessed.

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How can you find out where a bank will sell your repossessed vehicle?

It will most likely go to a wholesale auction where only licensed dealers are allowed to bid.

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