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When a car is voluntarily repossessed legally do they have to wait 21 business days to sell it at auction or just 21 days?


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2005-05-04 11:03:32
2005-05-04 11:03:32

Dunno. What state are you in? That could make a big difference. UCC only says they have to do it in a "commercially reasonable manner". I'm in South Carolina


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Whether a repossession is done "voluntarily" by the primary or through the action of the lender, the primary borrower and the cosigner are still legally responsible for all the terms of the lending agreement. The affect the repossession has on the cosigner's credit history will depend upon the actions of the lender to recover the debt owed.

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If it was repossessed legally then he is guilty of theft

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No, the auctioneer would not be legally responsible if someone got hurt at an auction. The auctioneer is only an employee.

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The only way to hide a car in Georgia if facing being repossessed is by filing chapter 13. If you have filed for chapter 13 it is legally ok to hide your car from being repossessed.

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