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When a couple has been selected to read the Health Social Educational Genetic History of a foster child what are the chances of them becoming the adoptive parents?

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2006-09-07 06:53:16

It sounds like you have a pretty good chance. I know it's hard

to wait and until you get the child you'll never know for sure.

Usually the history of the child is kept extremely confidential and

since you are reading the genetic history of the child you are at

least a good candidate. Good luck and God Bless this case for you!

* In most US states one of the requirements of adopting a child is

that all applicants be fully informed of the genetic

history/parentage of the eligible child or children in so much as

it is available. Please do not become overconfident as it is not an

indication that the applicants have been approved. Foster families

are also required to be made aware of such issues due to the fact

that they are legally responsible for the mental and physical well

being the child in their care.

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