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It sounds like you have a pretty good chance. I know it's hard to wait and until you get the child you'll never know for sure. Usually the history of the child is kept extremely confidential and since you are reading the genetic history of the child you are at least a good candidate. Good luck and God Bless this case for you! * In most US states one of the requirements of adopting a child is that all applicants be fully informed of the genetic history/parentage of the eligible child or children in so much as it is available. Please do not become overconfident as it is not an indication that the applicants have been approved. Foster families are also required to be made aware of such issues due to the fact that they are legally responsible for the mental and physical well being the child in their care.

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What is a birth father?

A birth father is a genetic father of a child, as opposed to an adoptive father or stepfather.

What has the author Robert A Paoletti written?

Robert A. Paoletti has written: 'Selected readings: genetic engineering and bioethics' -- subject(s): Bioethics, Collected works, Genetic engineering, Genetic intervention, Human genetics, Medical ethics

What are the advantages of sexual reproduction in biology?

more genetic variation allows for certain traits to be more easily selected

What factors have kept gene therapy from becoming an effective treatment for genetic disease?

There are a number of factors which have kept gene therapy from becoming an effective treatment for genetic disease. The viral rectors are the main problems which might make gene therapy to cause diseases.

Why are most genetic disorders caused by recessive alleles?

If these genetic disorders were to be caused by homozygous alleles they would selected against and would be removed from the population. The recessive alleles can remain hidden in heterozygotes.

A form of genetic engineering in which plants or animals are selected to breed and give offspring with desirable characteristics is known as?

Selective Breeding

Why are some dogs smaller than other dogs?

Genetic diversity, those traits were selected for during generations by breeders.

How might genetic drift alter the diversity of a population?

Genetic drift basically is the reduction of genetic diversity where certain genes are selected through random chance. Founder or bottleneck events are the major ones. Those certain genes may or may not be beneficial.

Does bacteria exhibit genetic diversity within bacterial species?

Yes. This is why bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

What has the author Phyllis Guinivan written?

Phyllis Guinivan has written: 'Selected abstracts on oncogene protein products' -- subject(s): Abstracts, Cancer, Genetic aspects, Genetic aspects of Cancer, Oncogenes, Proteins

How does natural selection relate to genetic variation?

The genetic variation is the grist to the mill of natural selection. This variation is what is selected against the immediate environment and the variation can confer some slight survival and reproductive advantage.

What subjects should you take after 10 for becoming a genetic engineer?

i want to know the answers related to dis question..

What are the effects off water pollution on humans?

Poisoning, becoming very ill, genetic changes, cancer,etc.

What has the author Murray Feingold written?

Murray Feingold has written: 'Normal values for selected physical parameters' -- subject(s): Genetic Technics, Genetic aspects, Genetic aspects of Human abnormalities, Genetic counseling, Human Abnormalities, Syndrome 'Genetics and birth defects in clinical practice' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Human Abnormalities, Syndromes in children

How does binary fission result in bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics?

the genes of the bacteria have to be replicated, allowing for the chance of genetic mutation.

Why would natural selection not occur without genetic variations in species?

Without genetically/morphologically beneficial variations what would be selected? Clones do not evolve.

What are some of the genetic problems you might encounter during selective breeding?

Either inherited traits from parents or, the selected adaptation will prevent the animal for surviving.

Is Genetic diversity is the raw material for evolution?

In the sense that genetic diversity is the raw material on which natural selection acts. The variant selected has progeny that may shift the allele frequency in a population of organisms over time, thus leading to evolution.

How do gene frequencies change when there is no relationship between genetic variation and reproductive success?

Alleles that are neither selected for or against will remain at the same frequency in a population. (This assumes that the population is also large enough to not suffer from variation due to genetic drift.)

What is essnetial to evolution?

Genetic and morphological variation. Without variation in organisms there would only be the shifts of genetic drift and gene flow in organisms. When organusms are varied then one can be selected from the other by the environment and the organisms ability to reproduce against that environment. Then there is evolution.

What has the author Hossein Jorjani written?

Hossein Jorjani has written: 'Genetic studies of assortative mating in selected and unselected populations' -- subject(s): Population genetics

Is becoming a radioactive green muscle monster genetic?

So like the Hulk. the movie, I don't think so. Doesn't something happen to him? No, its not genetic. Well not that I remember. So yeah. It isn't. XOXOX, Alex :)

How is genetic variation related to a species chances of becoming extinct?

It's related because the variation may cause the species to go extinct.

What process often begins by a portion of a population becoming physically or geographically isolated speciation or selective breeding or genetic change or resistiance?


Will genetic engineering affect evolution?

Possibly. Remember, evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms. So, an artificially selected organism, selected by genetically engineering it germ line alleles, would pass on these changes in allele frequency and this would be evolution.