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You may have been bruised by the shot. That happens to some people. It happens to me almost every time. The entire area where I was given the injection is tender. If it doesn't go away or start to get better soon, call the dentist and have them look at it. It could be pain from the tooth they worked on and not from the injection. I recently had a similar Experience, Where The injection was inserted into my hard palate there was swelling and severe bruising for 2 or 3 days. The skin fell off after this and I am left with a hole in my palate which is really really sore. When I went back to the dentist she said that this was an infection that had got into the injection site. One good tip here is to use a chlorohexadine mouthwash before having any work done to make sure your mouth is clean. Especially if you have a lot of dental caries

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Q: When a dentist gives you two shots of Novacaine what could cause the area of the shot to continue to have pain weeks later?
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Hi, It usually is not normal however, it surely does happen!!! I have the same problem. The dentist who did extensive dental work on me had to order a very strong Novocaine from Europe. It lasted for 15-20 minutes and he was not through. He said because of the strength of the new product, he could not give me another shot. BUT, my nose was numb for 3 days. Another dentist refused to listen to my complaints and told me there was no way I could feel any pain. Your dentist should willingly give you another shot if you feel pain. You should never have to feel pain during a dental procedure. If the dentist refuses to remedy the problem, find another dentist who will listen to you. Be sure to explain past experiences. Keep on until you find a dentist who is willing to do whatever he can to provide you with a pain free procedure. JOSA1

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