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When electrons feel an increasing positive charge do they have a higher or lower energy?

lower energy

Can kinetic energy and potential energy both increase when a gas filled balloon is rising in air?

Yes. energy is increasing inside the balloon causing it to rise in the air. Therefore, kinetic and potential energy is constantly increasing as the balloon floats higher.

Which electrons in oxygen have the higher energy those in the first energy level or those in the second?

The second level is associated with higher energy than the first is. Keep increasing the energy of an electron enough, and eventually it breaks free of the atom completely.

When temperature increases the kinetic energy of the particlles decreases true or false?

False. Higher temp and the particles move faster increasing kinetic energy.

Why does the radius of an atom decrease as you go across from left to right on the periodic table?

Because the nuclear charge is increasing, meaning the electrons in the same energy levels are more tightly held. As you go down the table, the charge is also increasing, but in this case the electrons also have higher energy.

Do higher energy levels have higher orbitals than lower energy levels?

do higher energy levels have higher orbitals than lower energy levels?

At what temperature does osmosis work best?

I think that the osmosis works best at higher temperature. At higher temperature, the water molecules will have more kinetic energy and move faster thus increasing the process of osmosis.

Why does hot water increase the rate of reaction?

In order for a chemical reaction to occur, there must be a certain amount of energy to break, and then reform chemical bonds. The collision of particles must also occur at the correct angle for a chemical reaction to occur. Heat is essentially the energy a substance has, so the higher the temperature, the higher the energy of of the particles. If the particles have a higher energy, they move around faster, therefore increasing the probability of a successful collision. The energy (or velocity) of particles is also higher, therefore creating higher chance that there is enough energy in the chemical collision for the reaction to occur.

Which energy levels have higher energy?

the higher ones... ?

Electromagnetic waves with the highest energy have the?

Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.Electromagnetic waves of higher energy have a higher frequency and a smaller wavelength.

Which has higer rate of reaction the one with higher temperature or not?

The greater the temperature, the faster the rate of reaction. This is due to the fact that increasing temperature increases the activation energy, which is the amount of energy needed to get a reaction started.

How does football relate to physical science?

For American football, you use kinetic energy when you run with the ball or move around the field. A lineman has potential energy before the snap. The ball has energy conversions through the air as the QB passes to a WR or a TE. When energy conversions happen, thermal energy is always released. These are the basics. At higher grades, if you take physics, you learn about the math and laws behind the forces around you, like football.

Why does solubility go up with increasing temperature?

When there is an increase in temperature there is also a higher kinetic energy. This increases the amount of collisions and therefore causes there to be an increase in solubility.

Do higher orbits have higher energy?

You have to put energy into an electron to overcome the attraction that the electron has for the atomic nucleus, to get it to a higher orbit, hence, yes, higher orbits have higher energy.

Which has the highest surface temperature red star white star or blue star?

I believe it will be the blue star. The blue end of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy is the higher energy end, and the red end is the lower energy end. Beyond 'blue' in terms of increasing energy will be ultraviolet, not white.

What is the relationship between frequency and energy?

the higher the frequency the higher the energy

What are the two ways that you can increase gravitational potential energy?

GPE can be increased by lifting a heavier object i.e. increasing mass, or by lifting the object higher i.e. increasing height. This is described by E=mgh. Where m and h are the variables explained previously.

The higher the frequency the higher the what?


Should my points be for energy attack and defense be even or energy higher?

energy should be a lot higher

Which sport have a higher injury rate- football or cheer?


Advantages and disadvantages of Increasing energy efficiency?

Higher energy efficiency usually mean lesser cost to pay and thus higher profit and marketing competitiveness. The disadvantage, usually come from misconception of energy conservation. Increase energy efficiency sometimes was done wrongly by trading safety or production reliability with higher energy efficiency. Sometime it was not carefully compared between cost of investment and cost saving. It must consider the performance, safety and profit-cost on any improvement plan including efficiency improvement.

How many electrons are there in higher energy Carbon?

It depends on what you mean by 'higher energy'.

What does heat and temperature have to do with kinetic energy?

The higher the temperature, the higher the kinetic energy

Does a higher value of n mean a higher or lower energy?

In chemistry, the symbol "n" refers to the number of the principal energy level. The higher the value of "n", the higher the energy level.

When you drop a ball why does it have more potential energy when it is dropped from a higher point?

Because potential energy is directly proportional to all the factors that yield it's value. Potential Energy = mass * gravitational acceleration * height So, with everything else being constant increasing the height will increase the potential energy.