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When a girl breaks up with you but you want her back what does it mean if she asked for space?


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She wants you to wait and not to press her or to hang around her a lot.

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He's not worth your trouble, move on and forget about him.

DONT TRY! if she breaks up with you, she doesn't have a sign over her head saying I broke up with you so you can get me back! NO! The sign on HER head is saying "come and get me boys! I am now single!"

If you chatted with a girl that you think likes you, and is willing to date you, but she has asked for some time to piece everything together, you can bet on her, no need to give her space if you are ready for a relationship.

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If the girl broke up with you, she is telling you he doesn't want to be with you. This being said, ignoring her is not going to make her want you back.

Depends if she tried finding another guy or not and was denied, then came back to you. Then yes. or she might think she can't get anyone else so she asked you back out, but there is no way of finding that out. or she coulda just needed a break to think things through. I think its a sign that the girl is a jerk.

If a girl breaks up with you it's either she no longer feels ready (depends on how long you've been going out) or she prefers someone else to you or she thinks you're cheating on her.

get over it cos who cares which gender asked

It could mean that they are wondering if you have asked another girl because they want to go with you and im a girl so this is what im thinking.

what do you mean can it be a girl back to back

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Only if you like the girl who asked you out enough to keep the relationship conpteble and lasting. If you don't have faith in the girl then dont go with it.

It's when the hymen on a girl breaks. This happens when they lose their virginity

A girl I know asked that to me when I questioned her on something. A girl I know asked that to me when I questioned her on something she was won't do. Can anyone tell me?

girls love to be asked out if they like you backwhat about guys? Do they want girls to ask them out or do they want to do it themselves?some guys like a girl that will take charge of things

you have to keep one girl at a time. If you have a girl than you shouldn't have asked another girl to go out with you. It is wrong of you.

you can except her apology but don't trust her completely you give her little trust test then if she passes you can trust her.

i don't know, i asked the question! bt she is hot! get back to me.

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