When a girl is on top and the guy is at the bottom and comes into the girl while she is on top can she get pregnant?


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Both can be skydiving at the time, you can get pregnant regardless of the position as long as he is inside of you.

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If a guy comes inside the girl, she can get pregnant no matter what, except if they are using contraception [condoms, etc.]

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no a girl can not have her period when she is pregnant. some females spot while pregnant and they get that confused with their period. long as the sperm is inside the vagina then there is a chance u can get pregnant

If she has unprotected sex while she is ovulating, then she can become pregnant.

Yes you can get a girl pregnant..if seamen comes out of your penis and into her vagina it can travel up inside her and impregnate her.

The girl can not get pregnant but her baby can if its a girl and so can her baby's baby if its a girl too. We try to prevent this from happening because it is very unhealthy for the babies.

its rear to have your period while your pregnant but its very possible.

yes...yes a girl can the sperm can b ejaculated enough to get her pregnant even with out penetration to the vagina

getting pregnant means the girl is in such condition to give give starts when sperm comes in contact of unfertilized ovem in oveary or the girl...this leads to fertilization.and girl become pregnant.

yes, if a girl gets pregnant and then has a sex change while pregnant

Don't see where the gay thing comes into this and you will need sperm to get pregnant so no.

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A woman can only be pregnant once at a time. if she has unprotected sex while pregnant, this cannot start another baby.

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Yes. If she doesn't want to get pregnant, then ALWAYS use a condom.

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